[COPIED] Blammy

So yeah, today was pretty cool. I’ve been listening to The Crystal Method all day (thanks for introducing me to The Crystal Method, bro). I’m getting better by the day, emotionally wise. I’m beginning to realize that girls shouldn’t matter right now. I have to work towards getting myself ready to open Adam Best Computing, Inc. into a full fledged business. Planning is everything.

I think The Crystal Method is quickly becoming my second favorite group now.

[COPIED] Sentimism

*Sigh* Life is getting to be better, I have to admit. No reason either. Maybe the fact I don’t have an outstanding crushes, or that school is going okay (stupid Engrish project), or maybe that I have no reason to be sad.

As for my new story, I’ve decided on a topic and a way to write it. It’s in the style of a journal of a RAH-66 Comanche pilot during a hypothetical war in 2019. Enjoy:

Lemme know what you think.

[COPIED] Whoa…

So yeah, there’s this really really hot chick I see everyday. It’s like BAM *unconscious*. Or like, conscious, but staring, mouth open, eyes wide. Haha, yeah, it’s crazy. I just wanna fall on the floor, rolling around in agony. *sigh* Such a beautiful sight…

The Engrish (yes, I’m Japanese, thank you) project is going terribly. I gotta write a stupid rough draft of the WHOLE thing tonight, and I’m not looking forward to it. Such a stupid project, have I mentioned that?

As for the Network, I’m experimenting with a new PHP-Portal. The link is http://www.theabcnetwork.com/nuke. It’s a major work-in-progress, so expect a few changes every day at least.

Oh yeah, thanks to my sis-in-law, Candi, for adding some MySQL databases to the Network.

Mmmm, what else? Did anyone realize there’s Easter Eggs in Mac OS X? I’m assuming you do, bro. But there’s like jokes and recipies haha. And in Terminal you can bring up a list of events in Middle Earth (LOTR).

I’ve officially become the place to go to speak your mind. Every day almost, someone comes to me to ask for my opinion and what-not. Usually related to girls from the guys, and there’s even a girl askin’ me about guys (Jess). Seeing as I’m a guy, I think I’d know how our mind works.

And I’ve also become the source for “Emotional Quotes”. Yeah, anything thoughtful, depressing, subliminal, obvious, or emotionally related – I do. I usually work best at night though, maybe ‘cause my brain is working better then.

And lastly, I have a customer at ABC. Yes, Sears has become a customer. He needs an ethernet card and Windows 98. I have 98 and I’m selling it to him for 30 bucks, and as for the ethernet card, I’m gonna buy and resell. Wish me luck, yo.

[COPIED] Spam?

I like Spam. Not the crap we all get in our inboxes though, the food.

Anyway, haha, I don’t have much to type about but since Heather is writing in her’s I must do so also.

English class is the gayest class ever. Oh my god I hate it. All this garbage is pointless.

Yeah, I’m gonna rant a little bit here. Religion. I find religion is a pointless figment of the world’s imagination. God did not create man, man created god. If he is real, he’s a stupid fuckwad for making my life suck, but that’s reserved for another post. Think about it, nearly every major event can be traced to religious roots. The Holocaust – Anti-semetism. Conflicts with the Kurds in Iraq – the Kurds have a different religion. Suni and Shiite Muslim conflicts – different religions. The Crusades – Dislike of the muslims. There's too many to list… Meh… Oh, and yes, I am a hypocrite – I use religious terms like god, hell or whatever. “Oh my god,” “What the hell,” and others. Screw you if you don't like it.

Yeah… I got a CD from MacAddict along with one of my free magazines. Pretty sweet if I do say so. A lot of cool apps on it.