[COPIED] Le sigh (sorry Dan haha)

Yeah, so today is Tuesday. Mmhmm. I saw a lot of pretty good looking girls today haha. No, none of them were Japanese >:O. But yeah, it’s driving me INSANE. Seeing hotness every… Frickin’… Day… Bleh :-&.

About getting a new Powerbook, I think I’ve dropped that theory. I’m going to sell the PC (which I acquired off of a friend [thanks, Cait]) for 100 bucks to my brother. Then from there I’m gonna sell the monitor for 150. And lastly I’m gonna send my bro 200 plus shipping for his iMac DV SE. And if I clean my room my Mom said she’d buy me a new hard drive for the iBook. The 20 gig in it right now is dying unfortunately. I’m thinking about getting a 30 or 40 gig for it hehehe. Yeah, I like to splurge.

Anyhow, that should be cool, newly reguvenated iBook, new iMac, s’all good. Plus with the extra money from the rest of my PC stuff (e-mail or IM me for a list of it all) I’m gonna buy a shit load of cool peripherals and accessories. Preferably an iTrip for my iPod first. Then an iMic. Then maybe some more RAM for the iBook. Then I dunno, some DVDs? Or an Airport card for the iMac.

Man I dunno why but I like comps a lot…


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