[COPIED] Dudes…

Well as they say, the truth sucks, right? Well yeah, I agreed with that and decided to spare her the whole history of the past 9-10 months. Besides, I’d prolly bore myself at the same time and fuck up what I was saying. I have a strange way of pulling that off haha. Am I the only one who is totally uninformed about school sports? ‘Cause I am. Very much so.

Iiiiiiin other news, we had a two hour delay today resulting in a mere twenty-six minute class period. Talk about kickass? The whole day went by like that *snaps fingers*.

The PC is essentially packed up and ready to be shipped off to the great state of Kansas. Still have to e-mail my bro regarding it, explaining the whole deal. I can’t wait to get my iMac har har.

The English project is going okay. I guess. Funny thing happened today, Dan Kaplan lost his note cards, all of them, and he was flippin’ out – swearing, looking for them – but he couldn’t find ‘em. If you’re reading this Dan – good luck with it.

AND lastly, tomorrow is Saturday so I am off to live my boring life (although it has started getting interesting as off yesterday night and this afternoon).

Oh yeah, and check out today’s horoscope:

“Someone you have the hots for is well within your reach. Don’t try to force it, and think carefully before you make your next move.”


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