[COPIED] Ergh…

Woot, one hour delay! Yeah I figured since I still have an hour and twenty minutes I could do some writing in here.

So yeah, today should be interesting. I think it’ll be good to tell everything to the girl I like. I mean I’ve spent this long not truly letting it out – but today I will, hopefully. I’ve always had the bad habit of internalizing every single feeling I get. I’m trying to teach myself to let some of them out – it’ll make me feel better and honestly, I think it does more damage not to tell the person-in-question about one’s feelings…

It might be tough and the response I get might not be what I’m hoping it is, but either way, at least we’ll both know how each other feels. Although mostly I’m worried about how she feels about it. Meh. Have I written too much about this? ‘Cause if she goes here and reads it, well, the suspense would be ruined, and she'd prolly yell at me for putting it in here before telling her in person. Haha…

Excerpt from current music:

If you see me walkin’ by
And the tears are in my eyes
Look away, baby, look away
And if we meet on the streets one day
And I don’t know what to say
Look away, baby, look away

Dont look at me
I don’t want you to see me this way

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