[COPIED] Totally awesome!

Well, all my questions have been answered. Thanks again, Cait, for being completely honest about it. I should have known, but hey, it’s me. What do you expect haha… But yeah, I can promise with 99% certainty this will never happen again.

I went paintballing today. I took a lot of hits, but gave them out too. My hits consisted of (they’re all for my point of view):

-Like 4 to the head
-One to the upper left chest *first of the day*
-One to the right side
-One to the rear
-One to the crotch *youch*
-One to my lower back
-One to my mouth *bad taste I tell ya*
-One to my left hand *drew blood*
-One to my right *ditto*
-A few to my feet *huh?*

Yeah, all in all pretty good hits, but I did good too, for not playing in a while.

In other new… I saw C&C Generals for the first time, it’s awesome.

And it looks like someone likes me. This should be interesting.

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