Yeah, a lot of fucked up shit has happened in the last day or two. Some weird stuff… Oh well.

That retarded English project is going okay, I guess.

I still need to clean my fucking room to get a new hard drive for my iBook. But I’m TOO FREAKING LAZY darnit…

I got a Student Commendation from Mr. Ski. I get my name up on the board in the main lobby woot. Apparently I got it from doing good in Math. Yeah, pretty cool.

I’ve decided to start a new novel. Yes. A new novel. It will be entirely posted online, at a separate subdomain of TheABCNetwork.com. I’m not quite sure of the whole story line, I guess I’ll just write as it comes to me. I’m not even sure of the subject haha. I was thinking along the lines of military, war, death, sorrow, pain, suffering. Maybe something having to do with the Comanche. We’ll see.

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