[COPIED] Spam?

I like Spam. Not the crap we all get in our inboxes though, the food.

Anyway, haha, I don’t have much to type about but since Heather is writing in her’s I must do so also.

English class is the gayest class ever. Oh my god I hate it. All this garbage is pointless.

Yeah, I’m gonna rant a little bit here. Religion. I find religion is a pointless figment of the world’s imagination. God did not create man, man created god. If he is real, he’s a stupid fuckwad for making my life suck, but that’s reserved for another post. Think about it, nearly every major event can be traced to religious roots. The Holocaust – Anti-semetism. Conflicts with the Kurds in Iraq – the Kurds have a different religion. Suni and Shiite Muslim conflicts – different religions. The Crusades – Dislike of the muslims. There's too many to list… Meh… Oh, and yes, I am a hypocrite – I use religious terms like god, hell or whatever. “Oh my god,” “What the hell,” and others. Screw you if you don't like it.

Yeah… I got a CD from MacAddict along with one of my free magazines. Pretty sweet if I do say so. A lot of cool apps on it.

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