The Burger Tour – Midday

This was Photoshopped by me, surprisingly.

Let The Games Begin

Well, to begin with, it was fairly nice out yesterday when we commenced our evaluation.  It was around 1 o’clock when we bounced out of the apartment.  First stop was Wendy’s…

We weren’t sure what the name of Wendy’s double cheeseburger was.  We knew of the Classic Double, but that definitely wasn’t what we needed.  After examining the menu, and saying hello to Dan House, we saw the so dubbed “Double Stack” on the menu for $1.19.  We all ordered our Double Stacks and small fries and proceeded to leave.

Next stop:  Burger King

We marched in, men on a mission.  We noticed one interesting fact about Burger King, on this visit.  They have two sizes of small fries.  There is a dollar, so-called “Value Fries” and the standard “Small Fries” what exactly the size was, we’re not sure.  However, we decided in line that we would stick with the terminology of “small” and stick with whatever they consider a small.  We got our Double Cheeseburger and fries and bizzounced.

Our last stop: McDonald’s.

So we walk in, and now we are confronted with still another decision to make.  Recently McDonald’s pulled a fast one on the general public.  Their Double Cheeseburger used to be a dollar.  Two patties, two slices of cheese, pickles, and chopped onions.  When they switched things up, they created a whole new sandwich dubbed the McDouble.  The difference between these two?  The McDouble was a dollar and has one slice of cheese, the Double Cheeseburger became $1.19 and had the second slice of cheese still.  So essentially you’re paying an extra $0.19 for that slice of cheese.  Good call, McD’s.

Anyway, we walk in with Wendy’s and Burger King in hand.  We decided we should go with the cheapest option of all 3 venues, so we went with the McDouble.  We got our food, and sat down and began the comparisons:

The Burgers:





As you can see, their bags are fairly similar.  Both Burger King and Wendy’s provided their medium sized bags.  McDonald’s gave me their small bag.  Upon opening we get our initial look at the products.  As you can see, it goes BK, Wendy’s, McDonald’s.  The Burger King Double Cheeseburger, our contender that kicked off this crazy contest, has a crease along the middle.  That is from the so-called FryPod sitting on top of it.  Also, the Wendy’s burger is the smallest of the three.  The packaging for the McDonald’s burger is somewhat haphazard.  In addition, you can judge the containers which the fries came in.  McDonald’s has a paper sleeve which makes it easier for fries to fall out in your bag.  BK and Wendy’s containers are nearly the same height, but Wendy’s is slightly wider.  Also, Burger King’s was the only burger that had sesame seeds on the bun.

Upon taking the top bun off, it’s easy to see several differences in the burgers.  First of all, the Burger King burger has no onions on it.  Also, the pickles on the Burger King are not straight cut.  They’re thicker as well.  The Wendy’s Double Stack has whole onion rings, not diced.  The Wendy’s burger had slightly more mustard than ketchup on it, seems to be a typical Wendy’s thing.  McDonald’s kinda struck out, in this case.  Very little ketchup on it.  There was an actual hole in the top patty as you can see.  Lastly, the only sandwich that garnered a 2nd slice of cheese on the burger was Burger King’s.

The Fries:

As I mentioned before, Burger King actually had two different “small” sizes for their fries.  If you asked for a small, you received the more expensive small.  You had to explicitly ask for the value sized fries if you wanted the absolute cheapest.  Burger King really let me down this visit…  As I was standing in line, they must have just gotten some fries out of the frier.  The person preparing my fries was waiting for the new ones to be dumped prior to scooping mine up.  However, the other person insisted they scoop up from the older ones in the bottom.  They did so.  The fries I received were old, overly crispy and dried out.  Several were burnt.  Poor ratings.

I’ve never been a fan of Wendy’s fries.  They are usually either undercooked or overcooked, from my experience.  Strangely enough, on our visit, they were actually decent.  Well cooked, with very high “finishability,” which essentially is the metric for how many fries are left over that one doesn’t eat.  Some were slightly mushy compared to others, but in general, they were good.

Lastly, McDonald’s fries were good as well.  Not as thick as Wendy’s fries, they are still delicious.  On this particular visit they were somewhat dry and overly crispy.

As you can see, the volumes of all three are fairly close.  It makes sense that Wendy’s fry container is the same height as BK’s but wider.  The reason being is that Wendy’s fries are slightly larger than Burger King’s.  So in essence, you end up with the same amount of fries, but Wendy’s are bigger.  McDonald’s, like I said, comes in a paper sleeve which has a tendency to tip over in the bag.

All in all, it was a very close decision among all three.

In Conclusion:

Final Cost:

  • Burger King: $3.01
  • Wendy’s: $2.89
  • McDonald’s: $2.16

Wendy’s had the best tasting burger, hands down, but was a little pricey.  Burger King had the best bang for the buck – 1/4 pound of meat before cooking for the same price as McDonald’s.  Presentation was the best from Wendy’s as well, with BK’s burger getting creased from the fries and McDonald’s burger wrapped messily.

As for the fries, Burger King lost hand down.  Overly cooked, old fries.  There were 10+ fries I didn’t want to finish.  Not to mention their smallest portion of fries is $1.79.  Wendy’s fries were awesome, some of them were mushy though.  And McDonald’s fries were better than BK’s, but still not quite there.  They were cooked a little too long, and were salted more than the other two venues.  Not to mention there is potential to get “bagglers” moreso with McD’s than the rest due to their fry sleeve.

Wendy’s won this round in general.  But BK had the best value for their burger.  McDonald’s had the cheapest meal all around.  We’ll see who wins when we try right after they start serving lunch and right before they close the dining room.

See ya round, internets.

The Burger Tour – Introduction

This was Photoshopped by me, surprisingly.

Let The Games Begin

If you find yourself reading this post, no doubt you’ve heard of a certain experiment myself and my roommates decided to test.

We had seen a couple Burger King commercials claiming to have the best Double Cheeseburger out there.  They compared theirs to Wendy’s as well as McDonald’s.  Their commercial was convincing, but we needed to dive deeper.  We decided to hit Wendy’s, BK and McD’s and see exactly how they “stacked up” so to speak.

This particular post is simply the introduction, I will begin working on the true findings post after this.  As a basic outline, here is what we did:

We purchased the least expensive double cheeseburger from each venue.  Along with that we also ordered a small fry to compare that as well.  We will be comparing taste, size, presentation, and cost for both the burgers and the fries.  Customer service wasn’t a true area to judge, but I’ll be including my findings along these lines as well.

I did take pictures to illustrate and better describe our findings.  Also bear in mind, the following opinions are mine and solely mine.  Josh and Jon’s will not be mentioned, but I will note that Josh will be posting his opinion on his own blog (look to the right).

In addition, our first visit was midday, around 1 o’clock.  We intend to perform the experiment two more times, once immediately after beginning serving of lunch and once immediately prior to dining room closing.

Let’s begin…