The Burger Tour – Introduction

This was Photoshopped by me, surprisingly.

Let The Games Begin

If you find yourself reading this post, no doubt you’ve heard of a certain experiment myself and my roommates decided to test.

We had seen a couple Burger King commercials claiming to have the best Double Cheeseburger out there.  They compared theirs to Wendy’s as well as McDonald’s.  Their commercial was convincing, but we needed to dive deeper.  We decided to hit Wendy’s, BK and McD’s and see exactly how they “stacked up” so to speak.

This particular post is simply the introduction, I will begin working on the true findings post after this.  As a basic outline, here is what we did:

We purchased the least expensive double cheeseburger from each venue.  Along with that we also ordered a small fry to compare that as well.  We will be comparing taste, size, presentation, and cost for both the burgers and the fries.  Customer service wasn’t a true area to judge, but I’ll be including my findings along these lines as well.

I did take pictures to illustrate and better describe our findings.  Also bear in mind, the following opinions are mine and solely mine.  Josh and Jon’s will not be mentioned, but I will note that Josh will be posting his opinion on his own blog (look to the right).

In addition, our first visit was midday, around 1 o’clock.  We intend to perform the experiment two more times, once immediately after beginning serving of lunch and once immediately prior to dining room closing.

Let’s begin…

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