Rants – Facebook Scams

Okay.  Listen.  I know I’ve written about this before, but never on my blog.  I figured this would be a better location to explain my frustration and disappointment in people’s intelligence.

Facebook is the shit, straight up.  It’s a great way to get ahold of people, see what’s good, see pictures, meet new people, etc, etc.  But some people see it as more than that.  They see it as a means to make money.  And I won’t lie – the people that come up with the following scams are incredibly intelligent.  Here’s how it goes down…

Essentially, the people in question figure out what feature or ability people want out of their FB account.  Typically things like a “dislike” button or the ability to see who is viewing your page are on the top of the list.  Their instructions go something like this:



You must join the group first before starting the steps

Step 1 ► On the bottom left of this page there is a little button that says “Share”… Click it, and hit “Share” when it pops up.  This allows the Dislike button to show up on your friend’s pages.

Step 2 ► CLICK [Link Here]

Step 3 ► SELECT all of your friends in the box!

Step 4 ► CLICK on “Send invitation”

Step 5 ► CLICK [Link here] and “Become a Fan” and CLICK “Suggest to Friends” and INVITE ALL.

Step 6 ► CLICK [Link Here] and add plug-in.

HINT: If it didn’t work. You didn’t do it right; repeat steps 1-6.

Honestly people?  Are you that retarded?  Let me break down for you exactly what is happening:

Step 1: You are simply posting to your wall about this group.  Not downloading anything, not changing anything.  You’re a retard if you click this button.
Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, and Step 5: You are becoming a fan of that page and inviting all your friends.  You instantly become annoying as fuck to everyone on your friends list.  You’re not downloading anything or changing anything.  You’re a retard if you click this button as well.

BTW – Despite what these groups want you to believe, doing ANY of the steps above has absolutely NO impact on getting the ability the group is pitching.  They want your friends to try to get the ability also.  Wanna know why?  Keep reading.

Step 6 & Beyond: After clicking this link, you’re taken to a page where you have to complete a SURVEY!  A survey that involves throwing tons and tons of ads at you.  If you click any ad, even accidentally, the owner of the Facebook group makes money.  He makes money from even sending you to the survey to begin with.  It’s not a lot of money, but when you factor in thousands and thousands of people following the directions like a retarded fucking child, you can see where it becomes fairly lucrative.

After you complete the survey, what happens?  It doesn’t work.  Why?  Because you “didn’t follow the directions properly.”  Yeah right.  And what does it say to do afterwards?  Do it all again.


They get you to do it all over again and make them MORE money.  You complete it three or four times, never getting the desired result.  They make the money, you get screwed.  Not to mention all your friends are now invited, and I guarantee all of you have at least a couple retarded friends that would follow in your footsteps.  Am I right?

And let’s not forget, if you put your email into a single one of those ads or promos, you’re gonna get slammed with spam.  Funny part is, people make money off of sending you spam as well.

So in essence, your stupidity, lack of common sense, and herd mentality is leading to some people making an assload of money.  Congratulations!

Fucking honestly, if you believe any of these groups that claim to provide some irrelevant feature, you have absolutely no right to surf the internet.  You’re too retarded.  K.  Thnx.  Bai.

[Edit]: By the way, the way Facebook is designed is up to Facebook.  It cannot be changed or modified unless it’s Facebook themselves that are doing it.  If you want a Dislike button, too fucking bad, it’s not an actual feature.  Wanna see who is viewing your profile?  That’s impossible too.  It’s a security and privacy issue.  Get the fuck over it.  Have some common sense for once, you idiots.