Driver’s Etiquette – PSA For Motorcyclists

This is a Public Service Announcement for motorcyclists.  If you drive a motorcycle, I hope you don’t take offense to this PSA unless it applies to you – which in that case, I don’t give a fuck.

For a while now I’ve seen cars with stickers on them that say “Watch For Motorcycles.”  And ya know what?  That makes sense.  Cycles are small, quick, and maneuverable whereas cars have blind spots and aren’t as nimble.  But honestly…  After this morning’s ride into work, I think I’m going to print out stickers like this:

Why?  Because some motorcyclists apparently take the “Watch For Motorcycles” campaign and take it to mean:

“HURR HURR, it’s not my responsibility to drive safely and watch out for cars.  They need to watch out for me!”

Fuck.  That.

The reason behind this post, honestly, is that some fucktard on a crotch rocket decided to blast down 690 doing 90+ MPH.  Weaving in and out of lanes.  Not signaling.  Being a fucking douchebag in general.  I have absolutely NO tolerance for reckless driving and that’s exactly what this asshat was doing.

Now I’m not passing judgement on every motorcyclist out there.  I know that a majority of them drive safely and obey the rules of the road.  But it’s jackasses like this that give the rest a bad name.

So in conclusion, unless you want to end up like this:

Slow the fuck down for your sake, your family’s sake, and the sake of every other fucking driver on the road.

/End PSA

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