What the hell is this?  When I was a little kid, M&M’s were the shit.  Small portable chocolatey goodness.  The best part was the shell, so you didn’t get melted chocolate all over your grubby little child hands.

Well I’m 23 now and I still love M&M’s.  Maybe not to the same degree as a caffeine, sugar-deprived little shit of a 7 year old, but you know.  Now I’m like 160 pounds heavier and still caffeine deprived.  Whatever.  I saw this bag of Hershey blasphemy at the store the other day.

Are you serious?  Yes, I really did see it at the store.  HAHA, not what I meant, but yeah I’m serious, what the hell is that?  Oh hey, we’re gonna remove the shell of the M&M that has prevailed for the greater part of a century and rename it HERSHEY’S DROPS.  Hohoho it’s like a fricken MMORPG, “Oh hey, check out what this bag I just slayed DROPPED.”

Retarded.  That’s what that is.  After a few minutes of sitting in your hand it would be like a giant chocolate seagull took a massive diarrhea shit in your hand.  Wowski, talk about imagery!  My English teacher would be proud.  Hershey, this is a bad idea and a bad product.  Don’t be mad at Mars for beating you to the punch 50 years ago.  Thanks.


As it turns out they make these in different flavors.  Like cookies and cream…!  And they also apparently come with a wax outside.  I think they may have redeemed themselves to a degree.

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