Time Machi… Damnit

When Apple introduced Time Machine, I was excited as hell.  I’ve had experience with other shitty forms of backups.  Burning to DVD, thumb drive, dragging and dropping, Iomega ZIP drives, tape backups, etc, etc, et-fuckin’-cetera.  When it comes down to it…

Backups SUCK.

They’re necessary, but they suck major ass.  Either they don’t work, they take too long, or they’re too complicated, or any number of other things.  Time Machine was like a single ray of hope to finally get out of that cycle of mediocrity.  Here’s how it works:

TM basically does it’s first, initial backup and copies everything to your backup disk.  This is the longest backup, as it is starting from scratch.  Subsequent backups only look at the “delta” files, or files that have changed or are new.  So basically, when you add a file, it backs it up.  When you modify a file, it backs it up.  If a file hasn’t changed, it leaves it in the file’s original location on the backup disk, but adds a “marker” or “link” to that file in the most recent backup.  So if you have a file that has never changed since your first backup, under any backups after the first, it’s a link that points to that first backup.  Awesome execution, for the record.  This is definitely the best way to handle backups.  If the file hasn’t changed, it doesn’t get backed up again.

The nice part with TM is that you can use a locally attached disk via USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt, or it can back up across your local network to either one of Apple’s own Time Capsule devices, or a third-party Network Accessible Storage unit.  For my situation, going with the NAS unit is fricken awesome since I have a laptop and I don’t wanna plop down and let my computer sit for a few minutes while it backs up.  I like portability and convenience, yeah buddy.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve ran into some problems with backing up across the network to my NAS unit.  It’ll become corrupted and tells me I need to delete all my backups and start fresh.  Not acceptable, especially since I have a few months worth of backups sitting on there.  Luckily I stumbled upon a website that walks you through verifying, fixing, and continuing to use your network Time Machine backups after that effing message shows up.


Just giving that site a plug since his post fixed my issue and was a breeze to follow.


So I’m going to preface this by saying one thing – I’m not gonna pretend like I wasn’t a little shit when I was younger.  I made mistakes and said shit that I shouldn’t have.  But if you follow me down story-telling-lane, you’ll see that today’s youth is in a serious state of decay.  Or maybe it’s today’s parents.  Whatever.  Gather round…

Allyssa and I went to the track yesterday evening like we normally would.  When we pulled up we noticed a group of douchebags with scooters hanging around the concession stand acting like the coolest thugs in the world.  “Yeah buddy, we got scooters, fuck the ability to drive a car and the maturity that goes with it!”

Anyway, as we’re getting warmed up and start running, I’m pretty sure I heard one inbred fucker yell “Get some” or some shit like that.  I wrote it off thinking nothing of it.  He’s a little bastard that’s trying to act cool in front of his friends, whatever.  I graduated high school when he was probably 7, I have a job, a car, an apartment, I don’t really wanna expend any energy into being pissed at this kid.

So we continue running.  After the first lap, I see Allyssa slow to a stop by these kids and I can tell she’s talking to one of them.  Right as I catch up, the kids kinda ride away and she started running again.  Come to find out after we finished our run that one of the kids said something to Allyssa that even wouldn’t say in my current state as a 23 year old.

What this asshat said was seriously ridiculous.  Unbelievable.  I have a decade on this kid, and he said this to a complete stranger, that was a woman nonetheless.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I was shocked.  I wanted to wring the kid’s neck and toss him in front of a moving vehicle, but I digress.  It really made me stop and think for a second.  How is it that some 13 year old kid would think it’s…

A.) Okay to say what he said
B.) Okay to say it to a stranger
C.) Okay to say it to a woman
D.) Combine all of the above

It’s retarded.  Today’s youth makes me wanna take a blow torch to their lips and make sure they never speak again.  Granted that’s a vast generalization and I’m 100% sure there’s some upstanding kids out there.  But the point still stands, at what point did today’s kids think doing that is okay?  I sure as fuck didn’t when I was that age.  I respected anyone that was older than me, honestly.

And on another token, what about this fuckbag’s parents?  What kind of shitty job are they doing when it comes to raising a child?  Hopefully this was the first, only, and last attempt at raising a human being.  They cleared suck at it enough to warrant having their baby producing privilege revoked.

iTunes Match

Alright, so I’ve been playing with iTunes Match over the course of the last couple days, and I must say that I’m impressed.  When the Google Music beta opened up initially, I got in pretty quick.  Uploaded my shit and started using it.  iTunes Match blows Google Music outta the water.  For the simple fact that I own all Apple products, they’ve baked iTunes Match into all of them.  iTunes for Mac, the music app on my iPhone, etc.

Pretty much the way it works, once you get it set up, is that iTunes “syncs” with Apple’s servers to let them know what music is in your library.  Whatever information is relayed to Apple, they mark that song as purchased on your account.  From there you can redownload it, transfer it, etc, on any of your devices or computers.  Mine matched a little bit over 2000 songs out of my 2600.  The other 600 needed to be uploaded to the cloud, which is what mine is doing right now.  Once that’s done, my entire library will be accessible wherever I am, as long as I have a data connection.

Another thing that iTunes Match has over Google is that the songs are stored locally.  I know a lot of people are up in arms about that, bitching and moaning about how they’d rather stream the songs to conserve space.  Well there’s a few issues I have with that stance.  First of all, most new users don’t have unlimited data anymore.  Even veteran users might not have it.  I’m still grandfathered in on my unlimited data plan from way back when the first iPhone came out.  I’m lucky in that sense.  If you’re capped at 2GB a month, streaming would suck.  With Match, it actually downloads a hard copy of the song to your device.  Use it when you’re on Wi-Fi and you’ll get no data charges, but you’ll also be able to keep the music stored locally when you leave that Wi-Fi network.  I like that concept.

All bandwidth caps aside, my second thought about the streaming/stored locally debate is that songs load faster when stored locally.  3G is fast, but you’re not always going to have a decent connection.  If you’re in a bad coverage area, there goes your music when you’re streaming.  But if it’s stored on your device, you’re good to go – signal or not.

But anyway, I’ve been thoroughly impressed thus far with iTunes Match’s offerings.  It works!  Some how, some way, it works.  Once it leaves beta and hits mainstream, it’ll take the industry my storm.  Apple has done it again, just wait and see.

Sticks & Bricks

I’ve made a commitment recently to get in shape.  For my own well being and because Allyssa has already made a ton of progress on her own.  I’ve cut out eating out unless it’s a special occasion or it’s a necessity.  I’m eating smaller, more healthy meals.  It’s going pretty well, too.  So far I’ve dropped 2 pounds in 5 days.  Granted since my heaviest, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, this is still progress.  I’ve also committed to running regularly and exercising as well.  I’ve been using Nike+ to record my runs so I can see my progress as I get better.  Also on the list of apps I’m using, Runtastic and RunKeeper for walks, hiking, bike rides, and the like.  And lastly, I’m using MyFitnessPal to record my calories and nutritional intake.  It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Today has been pretty boring, in all honesty.  Work has been slow.  The weather sucks.  I’m pretty hungry…  BestWerx is going great, steady number of clients coming through the “door” so to speak.  Had to go out in the rain last night to pick up a PC, actually.  Clinton and Kirkville were horribly flooded.  I thought at least three times that my car was going to go under and stall, but my GPS got me rerouted around the closed Route 5 and all that jazz.  Pretty crazy weather for September though.

Lastly, it would appear that my previous blog post hit fucking home for some people.  And at the same time, it proved my damn point – people were talking, yet again, behind my back rather than addressing their problem to my face.  One person did text me, but the post wasn’t aimed at them so that was a non-issue.  As for everyone else, I stand by what I said.  Grow up and if you’re gonna talk about me behind my back, get outta my life.  I don’t need your shit any more.


I read an article a few weeks ago that I found pretty interesting.  It talked about how every person has different “masks” for the different groups they associate with.  You have one persona that you put on for your parents, one persona for work, one for friends, one for significant others.  The article said you can have a different “mask” for each and every person you talk to.  Well it got me thinking, and I realized something I wish I had realized a lot sooner…

The masks and personas I wore for my different groups was effecting the one person that didn’t deserve to see anything but the real me.  The person I was when I was with the bros, I don’t need that.  The person I was when I was getting smashed, I don’t need that either.  And that leads me into the next theme of this post:

I’m done with the stupid shit I used to do.  I used to drink every night, stay out till 3 in the morning, smoke a pack a day, and bullshit with friends every night.  A year ago.  I’m fucking 23 years old, I have a career, I have a home, I’m dating the most amazing and loving girlfriend a guy could ask for – why would I want to drink every night, stay out till 3 in the morning, or smoke a pack a day?  Short answer: I don’t.  Long answer: I don’t want to lose the friends I used to to that with.  But unfortunately, people get out of those stages earlier than others.  Some people have a reason to stop, some people don’t.  But in the end, I needed to recognize what’s progressing my life and what’s not.

Shit, some people feel the need to inject themselves into every fucking facet of their friends’ lives.  “I know for a fact that this is how he feels.”  Stop lying to yourself, you don’t know a fucking thing.  It’s easy for you to play the fake friend, the friend that pretends to care but then turns around the next day and bashes your name into the dirt.  How dare you!  How dare you dispense your 2 cents so freely with absolutely no thought to the repercussions of your exaggerations and pseudo-psychology.  You don’t know anything about anything, and your actions speak clearly to that.

And lastly, I’ve had enough of the one-sided bullshit friendships that people have been involved in lately.  “I’m friends with so-and-so, and they have a more flexible schedule to hang out, so I’m going to stop making an effort with this other friend.”  Fuck.  You.  How dare you ask for one person’s sympathy and support when you needed it, then throw that person away when they needed the same?  When it comes down to it, you change who you are for your friends.  You have no individuality.  So go ahead and blend in with the other sheep, it’s easier than forging your own path.

In the end, the drama has no part to play in my life any more.  I’m focusing on what matters and putting and end to what doesn’t.  So talk shit about me, talk shit about my girlfriend.  All it does is transport you back to high school, whereas we’re moving forward in life and recognizing what truly matters.  High school was the time and place for you to be a shitty friend.  It was a the time and place to have those different “masks” for each person you talked to, because most of those people didn’t matter in the long run.  Now we’re out of high school, and yet none of you can be real to anyone but yourself.  Now your circle of friends is smaller, yet you keep up those masks.  I’m just as guilty, but I’m stopping that now.  I’m done with being a different person for each of my different groups.  I’m a loving, caring boyfriend who wants to see his girlfriend succeed.  I wanna see her marching by at the end of BMT.  I want to be with her forever.  That little boy, I’d do anything for him.  I’m not going to pretend to be a badass or the cool guy anymore, so if you can’t handle the real me, then say your goodbyes – I won’t miss you.