Sticks & Bricks

I’ve made a commitment recently to get in shape.  For my own well being and because Allyssa has already made a ton of progress on her own.  I’ve cut out eating out unless it’s a special occasion or it’s a necessity.  I’m eating smaller, more healthy meals.  It’s going pretty well, too.  So far I’ve dropped 2 pounds in 5 days.  Granted since my heaviest, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, this is still progress.  I’ve also committed to running regularly and exercising as well.  I’ve been using Nike+ to record my runs so I can see my progress as I get better.  Also on the list of apps I’m using, Runtastic and RunKeeper for walks, hiking, bike rides, and the like.  And lastly, I’m using MyFitnessPal to record my calories and nutritional intake.  It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Today has been pretty boring, in all honesty.  Work has been slow.  The weather sucks.  I’m pretty hungry…  BestWerx is going great, steady number of clients coming through the “door” so to speak.  Had to go out in the rain last night to pick up a PC, actually.  Clinton and Kirkville were horribly flooded.  I thought at least three times that my car was going to go under and stall, but my GPS got me rerouted around the closed Route 5 and all that jazz.  Pretty crazy weather for September though.

Lastly, it would appear that my previous blog post hit fucking home for some people.  And at the same time, it proved my damn point – people were talking, yet again, behind my back rather than addressing their problem to my face.  One person did text me, but the post wasn’t aimed at them so that was a non-issue.  As for everyone else, I stand by what I said.  Grow up and if you’re gonna talk about me behind my back, get outta my life.  I don’t need your shit any more.

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