So I’m going to preface this by saying one thing – I’m not gonna pretend like I wasn’t a little shit when I was younger.  I made mistakes and said shit that I shouldn’t have.  But if you follow me down story-telling-lane, you’ll see that today’s youth is in a serious state of decay.  Or maybe it’s today’s parents.  Whatever.  Gather round…

Allyssa and I went to the track yesterday evening like we normally would.  When we pulled up we noticed a group of douchebags with scooters hanging around the concession stand acting like the coolest thugs in the world.  “Yeah buddy, we got scooters, fuck the ability to drive a car and the maturity that goes with it!”

Anyway, as we’re getting warmed up and start running, I’m pretty sure I heard one inbred fucker yell “Get some” or some shit like that.  I wrote it off thinking nothing of it.  He’s a little bastard that’s trying to act cool in front of his friends, whatever.  I graduated high school when he was probably 7, I have a job, a car, an apartment, I don’t really wanna expend any energy into being pissed at this kid.

So we continue running.  After the first lap, I see Allyssa slow to a stop by these kids and I can tell she’s talking to one of them.  Right as I catch up, the kids kinda ride away and she started running again.  Come to find out after we finished our run that one of the kids said something to Allyssa that even wouldn’t say in my current state as a 23 year old.

What this asshat said was seriously ridiculous.  Unbelievable.  I have a decade on this kid, and he said this to a complete stranger, that was a woman nonetheless.  Are you fucking kidding me?  I was shocked.  I wanted to wring the kid’s neck and toss him in front of a moving vehicle, but I digress.  It really made me stop and think for a second.  How is it that some 13 year old kid would think it’s…

A.) Okay to say what he said
B.) Okay to say it to a stranger
C.) Okay to say it to a woman
D.) Combine all of the above

It’s retarded.  Today’s youth makes me wanna take a blow torch to their lips and make sure they never speak again.  Granted that’s a vast generalization and I’m 100% sure there’s some upstanding kids out there.  But the point still stands, at what point did today’s kids think doing that is okay?  I sure as fuck didn’t when I was that age.  I respected anyone that was older than me, honestly.

And on another token, what about this fuckbag’s parents?  What kind of shitty job are they doing when it comes to raising a child?  Hopefully this was the first, only, and last attempt at raising a human being.  They cleared suck at it enough to warrant having their baby producing privilege revoked.

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