There’s a certain someone out there that wanted a blog post written about them.  She’s wicked pretty, and smart, and a whole lot of other things.  Uhmmm, she’s going into the Air Force in a couple months and I’m going to miss her a lot, but she’s finally going to accomplish her dreams so I’m wicked happy for her.  I can’t really think of anything else to blog about, so be jealous she’s mine and not yours.  Kthanx.

Shiba Narratives – 11/10

Niko – “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LET ME OUT OF MY HOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM AND I KNOW THAT YOU GET UP AT 6:30 EVERY MORNING BUT YOU MIGHT NOT GET UP THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WAKE UPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   OMFG I’M GOING TO YELL UNTIL YOU WANNA KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   !#[email protected]#%$!$%%!#$%[email protected]#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay, you’re awake and letting me out, KTHANX!  OMG bear with me while I freak out at the thought of running around in the kitchen!  AHHHHTHISISSOMUCHFUNOMGWE’REGOINGOUTSIDE!  YAY!  Wow!  This leash is so much fun to tug at while you’re walking me to that tree!  Okay, okay, I’ll wait for you to attach me to the tether.  *Sigh* Okay, draining my bladder.  Thanks!  Wait for it…  Waiiiiiiit for it, almost done…  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  SO MUCH TO EXPLORE EVEN THOUGH I SEE THESE THINGS EVERY DAY!  OH!  Leaves!  Ah!  Oh wait….  Gotta poop…  Errrghhhh, almost done.  OMG GOTTA KICK IT EVERYWHERE IN AN ATTEMPT TO BURY IT WITH TWO SWIFT KIX!  RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRR TIME TO RUN AROUND LIKE A MANIACCCCCCCCCCCCCC!  OH!  We get to back inside?!  YAYA!  OMG FOODFOODFOODFOODFOOD *Takes 3 bites* DONE.  OH YOU’RE GOING TO THE BATHROOM NOW?  I’M GOING TO POOP ALL OVER THE KITCHEN, FAKED YOU OUT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG CARDBOARD, I’M GOING TO TEAR IT TO SHREDS BECAUSE YOU SEEM OVERJOYED EVERY TIME I DO IT.”

Bella – “Ugh, really?  This routine again?  I don’t wanna get up, don’t make me…  Okay, well since you’re lifting me off the ground, I guess I’ll stand.  Oh, you want me to go with you?  Fine…  Haha, he’s packing his stuff up, I’m gonna lay down on the couch, let’s see how he likes that!  LOL, U MAD BRO?  HAHA, you can’t catch me!  Well he’s busy packing up still, I’m gonna go lie back down in the bedroom.  TEEHEE, here he comes again.  Alriiiiiiiiiiiiight, I guess I’ll go into the kitchen.  *Looks at open door into mudroom* LOL you’re gonna have to drag me in there man, it’s raining and cold outside, are you kidding me?  Okay fine, you got me outside, but you’re gonna have to drag me to the tether.  OH NICE DOG HOUSE, HOPE YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DRIVE FAR TO GET IT.  I’d rather stand out in the rain, sorry for making you waste your time/money.  OH?  You’re trying to back out?  Sorry, I just don’t have the energy to move my Shiba body out of your way.  Gonna run me over?  That don’t phase me, bro.  Keep backing up, I’m not moving.  HAHAHA, made you get out of your car LOL.  I’m going to give you the most depressed look ever while you drive away.  YAY HE’S GONE, PARTY IN THE BACKYARD!