Wow-fricken-ski.  Oh hey, blog, sorry I’ve been absent for like 7 years but I’m back!  In all seriousness I wouldn’t be surprised if my blog stopped working when it realizes I’m actually typing a new post.  I renewed the domain name like months ago, for posterity probably, and haven’t written a damn thing since then.  I’m like the slumlord that buys a building, fills it with stuff, then lets it fall apart for a few years before I go in and paint a wall or two.  Or something.  Like driving around a piece of shit car and running it into the ground.

I’d say by now I’ve ran this blog into the ground, through the mantle, crust, etc, and am now approaching China.  But hey, I like egg rolls, so whatever.

Anyway, I had a sudden desire to blog, as random as that is.  Because like I said above, I’m like one of those slumlords.  Or similar to the classy individuals of Oneida’s northside.  HAH.  But I digress.  Life has been a regular blasty blast for this kid.  I’ve been kicking around, living life, messing stuff up, and attempting to learn from my mistakes.  Not a perfect plan, by any standard, but I’m getting by.  Work is going swell, might be transitioning to a new gig here pretty soon – which makes my wallet and loans happy!  B-Dub is going well, got a lot of clients and somewhat regular work.  Which is good.

Allyssa is leaving for BMT here in a couple days.  Tuesday morning or afternoon depending on when the government decides to send her on her way.  I’m sad, but I don’t think it’s fully hit me that I won’t be seeing her for two months – then another 5 months after that.  She’s a fricken boss, in all seriousness.  She’s gotten in shape, and fit, and can do pushups and run an obscene distance without getting tired.  Like, picture a chick Terminator that isn’t a robot.  Yeah.  But like I said, she’s gonna kick some bitches asses when she gets to Texas.  Everyone else is all “Oh wah, BMT, I don’t think I can handle it, I’m so scurred” but Allyssa is like “Psh, please.  Can I have summore?”  Truly an inspiration.  I’ll openly admit that I’m a bitch and I definitely wouldn’t be able to do what she’s done.  But hey, I guess that’s why she wears the pants – not me.

It’s kind of unfortunate that a lot of our “friends” haven’t given her any support or words of encouragement thus far.  I mean shit, c’mon, she’s signing over her life to the government for several years to defend my right to type the rambling, bumbling mess of nouns/adjectives/verbs that I write on here.  And the other rights we as Americans enjoy.  That’s more legit than most things (if not everything) I’ve seen people our age commit to.  So madd props to her, I love her, and I’m gonna miss the shit out of her while she’s gone.

In other news, on a less depressing note, I’ve come to the conclusion that winter sucks ass.  I like to complain about it, but I really don’t mind it that much.  It’s just annoying, slush, and wet feet, and assholes that don’t understand that if the road is dry then your car will handle like it does at any other time.  Jeez.  Rocket science.  But uhm, yeah, there’s snow on the ground and it’s like 25 degrees out right now.  It was 2 degrees out last night as I was two-steppin’ home.  OH!

Haha, my car isn’t inspected right now.  Forgot to mention this.  Yeah, I was past my inspection and got away with a warning and less than 24 effing hours later I get pulled over again – WHILE I’M ON MY WAY TO GET IT INSPECTED.  But this time, oh hey, here’s my license and registration, please tell me my license is suspended.


Seriously.  From a speeding ticket FROM A YEAR AND A HALF AGO that I didn’t take care of apparently.  Woopsies.  So regardless of that, my car didn’t pass it’s inspection.  So here I am, gotta fix0r my car, pay off the suspension fee, pay off the old ticket, and pay off the two tickets I got when I got stopped the other day.  I’m taking donations to the “Save Adam From Being A Hobo Fund” starting immediately.  Be a pal and send me money so I can continue to provide the best IT-related effort ever.  Kthnxbai.

Uhm, well I feel like I’ve ranted myself closer to China egg rolls, so I bid thee adieu.  Peace out and all that jazz.

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