Waking Up

2013 is here bitches! Fuck 2012. Started with a lot of bullshit but finally went positive and here we are starting a new year on a high note.

So, to summarize 2012, here is a list of significant events:

-Moved back home
-Bought the Fiero
-Got a new job
-Got dumped
-Reconnected with old friends
-Dealt with the ebb and flow of drama
-Bought the GXP
-New apartment (and fucking solo at that)
-Huge flatscreen, Xbox, and surround sound (baller)
-iPhone 5
-Quit smoking (again, fucking solo at that)
-Stumbled across a wicked awesome possibility for 2013

Not too many significant things happened, but the things that did were awesome. I was able to get back to normalcy which was probably the biggest thing for 2012. I realized that for a long time I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I got back to not giving a shit, and that feeling is awesome. And then when I started living by myself, I finally found out what I was missing. Don’t get me wrong, Jon and Josh were and still are my good friends, but as roommates I wanted to strangle them haha. It’s great being able to look around my place and know that I’m doing fucking fine. I’m independent (holy shit!) and I’m handling shit on my own. It’s a great feeling.

But 2013 is going to be a truly awesome year. I am looking forward to spring and summer like no one’s business. It’s the color and the temperature and the smells that I look forward to. Being able to hop in the car and just jet. The Fiero will be on the road later this year and that is what I’m most excited about. Just that feeling of knowing that something you put so much time and effort into will finally be ready. Can’t wait.

Who knows, maybe I’ll do some solid house hunting. I like my apartment, but I want a house. A place that I own. That’s the next logical step.

So here’s to you 2012, you were pretty solid. 2013? Let’s roll.

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