Four Twelfths Thru 2013

It seems like every time I get the ambition to write something here it’s like months after the last time.  But yes!  It’s officially May 2013.  That means less than two months until my killer quarter-of-a-century birthday, 88 days until the GXP is back on the road, and two months until 2013 is half done.  Crazy bidness.

Pretty content with life as of late.  Being back on the losing-weight-train feels great, down 10 pounds in two weeks already.  Breaking my pace records for cycling as well, finally down to around a 4 and a half minute mile.  I feel more energized, my clothes are already fitting looser, and my change of habits are inspiring others to follow suit.  Feels good, man.

Money is flowing in, work is challenging but rewarding, the weather is just impeccable, and the future is looking awesome.

I’ve decided that selling the Fiero is probably going to be a wise decision.  She has potential, I’m not refuting that fact.  But if offered a choice of investing money into the balleriffic GXP or the fixer-upper Fiero…  I have to say it’s the GXP that’d win.  In stepping into this new mindset of maturity, I’ve begun to recognize poor investments and areas that are a time and money suck.  The Fiero is one of them, unfortunately.

I’ve also begun to sort through my miscellaneous possessions and earmark certain ones for eBay or Craigslist status.  Old hard drives, electronics, memory, and whatnot.  Clean out my apartment and make money at the same time?  Sounds good to me.

Anyway, lunch is more or less done, so back to the grind.  Stay tuned kids, TheBest_v3 has potential in the coming months haha.