Thinking (lol) Movies

Considering that I can see a movie in the theater once a day for free, I think I should consider the responsibility of reviewing said movies.  I’m not a critic and honestly I have pretty shitty taste in movies, but I figure why not?

And this also calls into question how many people really read this on a regular basis, if at all.  I can imagine when the auto-aggregation kicks in and crossposts to Twitter or Facebook, bored peeps might click on the link, read my shit, then peace out.

Meh whatever, I’m just bored hence this post.  As a quick review:

-Iron Man 3 sucked
-Superman was awesome
-Now You See Me was pretty solid
-This Is The End was funny as fuck
-The Purge was about as predictable as the sun coming up

I guess that’s it.  What’s up movie critics?  U mad?

La Vida

Ohhhh, Life.  Seems like that’s all that’s really blog-worthy as of late.  Suppose that’s not entirely a bad thing, life has its redeeming qualities haha.  Things are continuing their trend of being pretty great in Adam Land.  Fitness and weight loss are going really well.  At my lowest weight since I started this morning, which is pretty sweet.  Fat percentage is at it’s lowest, clothes are fitting looser, and I’m getting pumped to try new things.

Seriously interested in starting Kali, a form of Filipino martial arts.  My old boss Chris was huge on it and teaches his own classes.  It was always something that interested me (the majority of it consists of stick fighting) but I was either just not in shape enough to do it, or I was too concerned with other’s opinions (a previous trend, I realized).  Been thinking about trying that, been also thinking about starting yoga.  I did a little bit the other night but my form was atrocious.  Practice makes perfect though.

This shitty weather outside has really put a damper on my cardio.  I was all fired up to go for a bike ride yesterday in the rain, but I got stuck having to downgrade my iPhone to 6.1.4 from the iOS 7 beta.  Took fricken forever to reinstall all my apps and whatnot.  Yeahhhh, I tried the beta.  It’s nice for about the first 2 hours.  It’s a little buggy – some of the UI elements get screwed up or don’t look right, stability is an issue, and battery life is absolute trash.  Luckily I’m back to the most recent release and it’s working as it should.

Down to 44 days until the GXP is back on the road, which is the last real milestone to getting back to normalcy.  Got the Cold Air Inductions, Inc. intake installed the other day.  It was a moderately pricey investment, but oh.  my.  god.  that effing V8 rumble is unbelieveable.  Sounds like an animal under the hood, even at moderate throttle.  The quality of the intake was bonkers.  Welded, proper dimensions, fit right in the engine bay like it was factory.  The quality of it really blew me away as soon as I opened the box, the 1/4 turn lockdown screws, the PCM and TCM mounting bolts, everything.  VERY happy with it.  Now I’m in the process of ordering LED strips to get the GXP back to the point that Vegas_v1 was at lighting-wise.  Getting the floorboards lit up, the doors, and I’m still brainstorming how to fab up lighting for the rear seats.  Should be a good time!

Welp, I’m the only one in the office today, so time to finish up some back work.