Thinking (lol) Movies

Considering that I can see a movie in the theater once a day for free, I think I should consider the responsibility of reviewing said movies.  I’m not a critic and honestly I have pretty shitty taste in movies, but I figure why not?

And this also calls into question how many people really read this on a regular basis, if at all.  I can imagine when the auto-aggregation kicks in and crossposts to Twitter or Facebook, bored peeps might click on the link, read my shit, then peace out.

Meh whatever, I’m just bored hence this post.  As a quick review:

-Iron Man 3 sucked
-Superman was awesome
-Now You See Me was pretty solid
-This Is The End was funny as fuck
-The Purge was about as predictable as the sun coming up

I guess that’s it.  What’s up movie critics?  U mad?

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