My latest addiction has been probably the most immersive, expansive, and complete Grand Theft Auto game ever made.  Five.  I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this game is.  Just the pure depth of what is possible, even if you ignore the main story line.  There’s literally a full city to see and explore, filled with random events to partake in, people to talk to, and things to do.  From knocking over banks, robbing armored cars, to street races and assassinations – Los Santos is fricken amazing.

And then there’s the coming online experience.  Being able to play online with up to 16 people, free roaming the entire map.  The possibilities are endless.  Roam the streets day and night and cause mayhem and havoc.  Have a standoff with the police, and a teammate flies in with a chopper to pull everyone out.  How awesome is that?

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