Winter Is Hurr

INDEED!  Winter is here.  And Ned Stark is all up in the bitch.  Or something.

There’s white stuff on the ground, people are driving like retards, and it’s cold out.  It’s definitely winter.  And that brings me to my yearly rant about how much I hate winter.  It’s a tried and true blog idea.

So I figure I’ll start a list of reasons I hate winter.

  1. Slushy roads
  2. Layering warm clothing (fuck this shit)
  3. Wet feet
  4. Wet floors in the house
  5. Wet floors in the car
  6. Wet floors in the office
  7. Wet floors everywhere
  8. Cold beverages no longer seem like a good idea
  9. People drive like fucking ass
  10. Getting a car starter all of a sudden seems like a great goddamn idea

That’s my initial 10 list.  Expect more fucking ranting about winter at a later time.

I should also do a post about politics.  Politics and retardation – both of which go hand-in-hand with a lot of people.  Back to you in the fucking studio.

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