Farewell 2013

So here we are, on the cusp of 20-fucking-14.  God damn I feel old.  In fact, the older I get, the faster time flies.  So that’s how we’re gonna cut this post up – half reminiscing about 2013, and half talking about how time fucking flies.

2013 was an interesting year for me.  A lot of changes, but a lot of consistent shit.  Here we goooooo:

  • Took the GXP off the road due to my lack of insurance.  Paid the price, manned up, and got her back in July.
  • Lived a full year in my apartment
  • Got rid of the GXP and bought a brand new 2013 Ford Focus
  • Bought an iMac, a MacBook Air, an iPad, and a ton of other electronics
  • Went through three iPhone 5s
  • Remained single the entire year
  • Got rid of the Fiero
  • Consolidated my finances
  • Paid off several loans

To summarize my health stats…

  • Since April of 2013 (when I started keeping track)…
  • Lost a total of 45 pounds
  • Tracked a total of 590.7 miles in RunKeeper
  • Tracked a total of 57 hours and 35 minutes of activity
  • Burned 39,450 calories
  • Took 1,151,300 steps
  • And slept a total of 1574 hours and 18 minutes

Music wise…

  • Listened to 1043 unique artists
  • Listened to 1798 unique albums
  • Listened to 3292 unique tracks
  • My top five artists were: Deadmau5 (duh), Nero, Limp Bizkit, Pendulum and Porter Robinson
  • My top five tracks were: “Can You Feel My Heart”, “Faxing Berlin”, “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)”, “Language”, and “Timestretch”

Unfortunately Foursquare is a pain in the ass and doesn’t provide stats granular down to a year at a time.  Ah well, there were a lot of check ins, needless to say (needles).  Twitter and Facebook are hard to quantify as well.  Spotify has their own Year In Review information, but Last.fm pretty much had that all covered.

Either way, it’s been a wild year.  A few things were lacking, but in general, it was a good run.  Here’s to 2014!

Tech Etiquette – Facebook Shit

I said I’d start ranting about stupid people when it comes to tech stuff, and this is the beginning of probably a long running theme.  Today is going to be all about Facebook, and how people are stupid as fuck.

There is going to be practically no rhyme or reason behind the numbering of this list, but you probably don’t give a shit so onward we go!

  1. Ridiculously False Post Sharing – We’ve all seen them.  “Scientists have discovered that oxygen is a slow poison that kills in 60-70 years.” or some other random shit like that.  Plastic bottles in your car on a hot day turn poisonous.  Microwaving things kills the nutrients in them.  We didn’t land on the moon.  Obama is Hitler.  Etcetera, etc, etc.  So many retarded things you see on there on a daily basis.  If it’s mind blowing or shocking – RESEARCH YOUR SHIT BEFORE YOU SHARE IT!  A lot of the time people mindlessly share posts without a single thought to whether there’s any truth to them.  Hop on Snopes, or Google search what you’re about to post.  95% of the time you’ll be sharing something completely sensationalized and false.  Stop doing this.
  2. Share Versus Hate – You’ve seen this before too.  “Share if you love Grandma, skip if you want Grandma to die.”  If you do this, I swear to god you get an instant trip to my fucking hate list.  I fucking despise shit like this.  You’re essentially sharing a stupid picture because you want the world to know you love your grandma.  We fucking get it, you don’t want grandma to die.  We’re not retarded.  Stop doing this.
  3. Get This Sweet Dislike Button!!!1111! – This is just retarded.  If you follow the instructions for this and various other gimmicks (who has viewed your profile, for example) it consists of SPAMMING THE FUCK out of your friends list for no fucking reason.  They don’t know if you’ve liked their page or invited your friends to like it.  It’s spam.  They don’t know fuck.  There is no dislike button, there is no way to see who viewed your profile, get the fuck over it you idiot.
  4. Attention Whores – We all have friends on Facebook that incessantly post selfies (I fucking hate that word) of literally everything they do.  “Just got to the gym, yay for fitness!” or “Check out my sweet sweater” with their tits hanging out.  Posting a picture of yourself is fine, but cut back from the once-an-hour syndrome.  Cut back from the “not wearing make-up, I’m not very attractive today” bullshit when you no full fucking well that every guy that likes or comments on it secretly wants to get in your pants.  You’re an attention whore if you have a over a thousand friends and get a shit ton of likes on your photos without any effort.  I see people on Instagram that put not a SINGLE fucking hashtag on their pictures and yet they still get 60 or more likes without even trying.  Don’t mind me, just struggling to break double digits even while spamming hashtags.
  5. Political Bullshit – I’ll keep this simple.  If you post some brainwashed, paranoid political bullshit like how we didn’t land on the moon, how 9/11 was an inside job, and how Bin Laden is still alive – go fuck yourself.  You’re the problem with this country.  You fear everything.  Disconnect your internet you fucking imbecile.  NSA is scanning your hard drive as we speak and is gonna bust down your door, confiscate your PC, and take all your guns away.  Fucking retards.

Okay, I guess that’s good for now.  Here’s a couple old posts from back in the day.  I’m an angry American sometimes, apparently:

Rants – Facebook Scams
Rants – Moar Facebook Stupidity

Alright, peace out fuckers.

Holly Jolly Mo-Effin-Christmas

Tis the season, homies and girlies.  The season for fanatical materialism and zealous traditionalism.  No but really, I’m not going to be that guy that tries to put a fucking damper on the holiday season.  Fuck all of you Negative Nances out there that dig that kind of thing.

No, in fact, I love this time of year.  Or at least I feel like I should.  Since I was a child, this time of year was supposed to be awe-inspiring and fantastic.  Presents and family and food and holiday effing cheer, dawg!  Love that shit.  Here I am now, at 25, with a good paying job and nothing better to spend my money on (server hardware?  naw son) so why not spread the love?  Really though, I’m not expecting much from anyone other than my parents or grandparents, and even then I’m not expecting much.  Gift card, maybe?  Who knows.  But I dropped a decent amount on stuff for my parents alone, they deserve it.

They’ve been there through my low points, my high points, my happiness and my sadness.  Never judged, never critical.  Always supportive and always understanding.  Truly lucky to have them, so the least I can do is splurge a bit and get them the stuff they want.  But they’re like me, for the most part if there’s something we want, we just buy it.  We have the cash on hand to be able to do that.  It’s great, not constantly worrying about the day-to-day financial situation.

So anyway, I’m here at work until 4, officially.  If last year is any indication, we may be allowed to leave early.  Not 100%, but going based on Facebook’s “On This Day” feature, that’s what went down last year.  We’ll see.  Time to relax for a bit and take in the music and look forward to tomorrow.  Peace out, interwebs.

My Four Days In Hell

So last weekend, I wasn’t expecting this week to completely suck ass.  I really wasn’t.  I was expecting to go to work, and be on-call, and things would go relatively smoothly…  Never have I been so wrong.

I’ve had a cold (or so I presume) since at least Sunday.  I slept most of Sunday away, from probably 1 AM until like 4 or 5 PM.  Yeah, 15 or 16 hours of straight sleep.  Now, the absolutely awesome part about my four days of being sick was the fluctuations in body temperature!  I’d go from freezing to burning up in a matter of minutes, it’s great.  During those 15 hours of sleep, I had some of the most agonizing and tortuous dreams of my life.  Imagine being in a lifelike dream where your entire body is burning up.  You can’t move.  You can’t cool down.  You’re sweating profusely and your sheets feel like a red hot iron against your entire body…  Agony.  Complete agony.

After I finally woke up completely soaked, I spent the rest of my Sunday coughing.  And coughing.  And coughing.  At least once every minute I was coughing.  And it wasn’t a productive cough with phlegm.  It was a dry, painful, unproductive, annoying as hell cough.  Non stop.  Nearly to the point of vomiting, it was so persistent and so pointless.  My whole body was in pain, random cramps and soreness.  My nose was running.  I was a complete and utter mess.

I called in on Monday because there was no way in hell I was going to be able to work with a constant cough.  Repeat.  The exact same night of sleep, the exact same day of agony.  I didn’t want to do anything, my body temp was all over the place.  Monday was the same, Tuesday was the same, and today was finally the beginning of my recovery.  The greatest fucking news of my life was coughing this morning, and having a huge chunk of dark green grossness fall into the sink.  I was finally getting that shit out.  Here we are at like 9 o’clock and I still feel like shit, but I feel significantly better than I did for the last four days, if that’s any indication of just how bad I’ve had it.

Tomorrow brings me back to work, regardless of how I feel.  If I gotta suffer through, then so be it I guess.  Time to relax for a bit tonight then get to sleep.