Holly Jolly Mo-Effin-Christmas

Tis the season, homies and girlies.  The season for fanatical materialism and zealous traditionalism.  No but really, I’m not going to be that guy that tries to put a fucking damper on the holiday season.  Fuck all of you Negative Nances out there that dig that kind of thing.

No, in fact, I love this time of year.  Or at least I feel like I should.  Since I was a child, this time of year was supposed to be awe-inspiring and fantastic.  Presents and family and food and holiday effing cheer, dawg!  Love that shit.  Here I am now, at 25, with a good paying job and nothing better to spend my money on (server hardware?  naw son) so why not spread the love?  Really though, I’m not expecting much from anyone other than my parents or grandparents, and even then I’m not expecting much.  Gift card, maybe?  Who knows.  But I dropped a decent amount on stuff for my parents alone, they deserve it.

They’ve been there through my low points, my high points, my happiness and my sadness.  Never judged, never critical.  Always supportive and always understanding.  Truly lucky to have them, so the least I can do is splurge a bit and get them the stuff they want.  But they’re like me, for the most part if there’s something we want, we just buy it.  We have the cash on hand to be able to do that.  It’s great, not constantly worrying about the day-to-day financial situation.

So anyway, I’m here at work until 4, officially.  If last year is any indication, we may be allowed to leave early.  Not 100%, but going based on Facebook’s “On This Day” feature, that’s what went down last year.  We’ll see.  Time to relax for a bit and take in the music and look forward to tomorrow.  Peace out, interwebs.

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