Tech Etiquette – Facebook Shit

I said I’d start ranting about stupid people when it comes to tech stuff, and this is the beginning of probably a long running theme.  Today is going to be all about Facebook, and how people are stupid as fuck.

There is going to be practically no rhyme or reason behind the numbering of this list, but you probably don’t give a shit so onward we go!

  1. Ridiculously False Post Sharing – We’ve all seen them.  “Scientists have discovered that oxygen is a slow poison that kills in 60-70 years.” or some other random shit like that.  Plastic bottles in your car on a hot day turn poisonous.  Microwaving things kills the nutrients in them.  We didn’t land on the moon.  Obama is Hitler.  Etcetera, etc, etc.  So many retarded things you see on there on a daily basis.  If it’s mind blowing or shocking – RESEARCH YOUR SHIT BEFORE YOU SHARE IT!  A lot of the time people mindlessly share posts without a single thought to whether there’s any truth to them.  Hop on Snopes, or Google search what you’re about to post.  95% of the time you’ll be sharing something completely sensationalized and false.  Stop doing this.
  2. Share Versus Hate – You’ve seen this before too.  “Share if you love Grandma, skip if you want Grandma to die.”  If you do this, I swear to god you get an instant trip to my fucking hate list.  I fucking despise shit like this.  You’re essentially sharing a stupid picture because you want the world to know you love your grandma.  We fucking get it, you don’t want grandma to die.  We’re not retarded.  Stop doing this.
  3. Get This Sweet Dislike Button!!!1111! – This is just retarded.  If you follow the instructions for this and various other gimmicks (who has viewed your profile, for example) it consists of SPAMMING THE FUCK out of your friends list for no fucking reason.  They don’t know if you’ve liked their page or invited your friends to like it.  It’s spam.  They don’t know fuck.  There is no dislike button, there is no way to see who viewed your profile, get the fuck over it you idiot.
  4. Attention Whores – We all have friends on Facebook that incessantly post selfies (I fucking hate that word) of literally everything they do.  “Just got to the gym, yay for fitness!” or “Check out my sweet sweater” with their tits hanging out.  Posting a picture of yourself is fine, but cut back from the once-an-hour syndrome.  Cut back from the “not wearing make-up, I’m not very attractive today” bullshit when you no full fucking well that every guy that likes or comments on it secretly wants to get in your pants.  You’re an attention whore if you have a over a thousand friends and get a shit ton of likes on your photos without any effort.  I see people on Instagram that put not a SINGLE fucking hashtag on their pictures and yet they still get 60 or more likes without even trying.  Don’t mind me, just struggling to break double digits even while spamming hashtags.
  5. Political Bullshit – I’ll keep this simple.  If you post some brainwashed, paranoid political bullshit like how we didn’t land on the moon, how 9/11 was an inside job, and how Bin Laden is still alive – go fuck yourself.  You’re the problem with this country.  You fear everything.  Disconnect your internet you fucking imbecile.  NSA is scanning your hard drive as we speak and is gonna bust down your door, confiscate your PC, and take all your guns away.  Fucking retards.

Okay, I guess that’s good for now.  Here’s a couple old posts from back in the day.  I’m an angry American sometimes, apparently:

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Alright, peace out fuckers.

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