Apartment Life

You know what’s crazy?  As of two days ago, I’ve been in my apartment for two years.  That’s nuts.  It’s gone through its changes and upgrades over that time.  From a couple sweet recliners to a pretty baller sectional.  New toys, new computers, like three different routers, Xbox 360 to Xbox One, the list goes on and on.

Same goes for the different neighbors I’ve had.  Creepy dude across the hall that was absolutely RAGING at SU in 2013.  Top of his lungs yelling at the TV, which happened to be on the other side of my bedroom.  That was pretty awesome.  Now I’m subjected (not really) to hearing the neighbors rage at Worms.  Fucking ninja rope, I tell you h’what.

And how my back porch light got miraculously replaced by a sweet blue halogen.  Or even the sweet Philips hue bulbs I’m rocking.  Got that mood lighting when the moment hits.  Let’s be honest, I just rock that shit when blue or red sounds like a good idea.

Getting turnt up new years 2012/2013 with the bros on the porch.  And apparently the relatively boring 2013/2014 new years since I don’t remember that at all.

Bought my first gaming console since the PSone (whenever that was) and played Borderlands 2 and Black Ops 2 till my eyes bled.  Trolling them noobs with the kids from Ohio and rocking the Lead Hose (Skorpion EVO) and Betties.  Progressed from that shitshow to Battlefield 3 and sucked completely.  Started getting better, got an Xbox One with BF4 and welp, there goes the neighborhood.

The many iterations of my home NAS, from the shit Western Digital NAS I had from my previous apartment to the fucking beastly quad-Xeon, 32 GB memory, 6 TB monstrosity that now powers all my digital needs.  Coupled with the 50 Mbps/5 Mbps connection, my apartment is thoroughly wired.  Love it.

Had a lot of good times in the last two years, for sure.  Buying a house is the next logical move, but to be honest – what’s the rush?  Ohhhhh I gotta jump on that owning-a-house bandwagon.  Fuck that.  I’ve got an apartment that isn’t bad, it’s just down the road from work, I’ve got some bros next door, and it’s right in the middle of town.  And honestly, my apartment is probably better furnished than 80% of these houses these touchholes are buying anyway.  Suckas.

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