Celebrity Photo Leaks

I was asked to rant about The Fappening/Celebgate via Facebook, so here it is.  You should be excited that I actually took a moment (or two) to write this instead of playing Mass Effect 3.  Such a good game, but I digress.

If you’re reading this, by now you’re probably aware of what’s going down – so I’ll spare you any backstory there.  If you’re clueless as to what I’m talking about, see here:


Now for what I want to rant about, which is twofold:

I see a lot of people posting things along the line of “If you don’t want your nudes spread around, don’t post them iCloud or any other cloud-based storage medium.”  While I agree somewhat to this sentiment, you’re missing the point.  This was an invasion of privacy, no matter how you cut it.  They didn’t take these pictures of themselves with the intent for the whole world to see.  Regardless of where they saved the pictures, it wasn’t anyone’s right or privilege to share them with anyone.  It’s easy for some of us (especially ones that’ve never sexted or the like) to put the blame on the victim, not the perpetrator.  This, I strongly disagree with.  If you say Jennifer Lawrence is at fault for her pictures getting ‘hacked’, there’s a chance you deserve to get hit.  In fact, there is legislation in the works to make ‘Revenge Porn’ illegal – the posting of pictures without someone’s consent, even if the picture was taken consensually.  See here:


But that also leads me to my next point.  These pictures weren’t hacked.  At least not in my opinion.  iCloud doesn’t work in a sense that it can be hacked, so even calling it a hack isn’t even strictly accurate.  Apple, or any other cloud-based services, hasn’t made it clear how they store your content, whether it’s encrypted, or anything.  Even if someone did manage to hack Apple’s servers (which I doubt), they would have to figure out their filesystem’s architecture (good luck), and then trace down each celebrity’s photos (out of how many millions of iCloud users?) and then store them locally.  It would be way too difficult.  Now some of you conspiracy theorists may say “Oh well Apple employees have access to it, no doubt.  NSA did it.  Obama.”  Well fuck you and your opinion, you’re wrong.  When the perp is found (which they will) you’ll see it’s probably something much more simple.

I believe that there is probably some sort of underground celebrity porn ring going on in Hollywood.  This is not my own deduction, mind you, but something I saw posted on 4chan that made sense.  There is probably a group of people with questionable and compromising pictures of these actresses/actors.  If you want to get in the group and access what they’ve got – you have to bring something new to the table.  New content gets you in.  Then from there, you’ve got it all.  This sounds like the most reasonable explanation to me.

Why?  Because there were more than one user posting these pictures.  They weren’t dumped all at once.  It doesn’t make any sense how they were released.  If you had access to such a thing, let’s be honest – you wouldn’t mess that up.  And if you diddecide to blow the lid, you wouldn’t give it away for free.

tl;dr – It was probably a celeb photo ring that got released, not iCloud getting hacked.  And if you blame the victim, you’re an asshole.

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