Sunday Boreday

I had a bug up my ass this weekend to upgrade my gaming rig to Windows 8.1, which inadvertently caused me to wipe my hard drive.  One second I’m clicking through windows, next second I’m like “Shit, I think that just wiped my drive.”  That’s right kids, an IT pro like myself fucked up.  No big though, considering my server holds all my critical stuff (including backups of all my installers – win!).  Let that be a lesson to all you script kiddies out there – always have a backup, and then have a backup of your backup.  Scrubs.

Now it’s sitting here rolling through enough updates to kill the weekend.  Should be done soon enough, but it left me with some time to waste on the interwebs.  Surfing Facetwat, going through Timehop, etc.  Got me thinking about the random shit my mind goes to when I’m bored at home.

We’re gonna take a walk through my currently relationship situation, considering I keep that shit to myself on most days.  I’ve been single since like what, May?  June?  Something like that.  The ex was a little on the unstable side.  Not accepting the breakup, faking pregnancies, you know.  Bullet = Dodged.  Prior to that there were a few unofficial dates and prospects, but none really felt right.  Maybe I was being too picky, but compromising in the past has led me to some shitty days in my life.

Prior to the most recent, the last legitimate relationship collapsed in the very beginning of 2012.  So two and a half years ago.  When I think about it, it feels like yesterday.  But nope, it was over two years ago.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss that sappy relationship shit.  Dates, movies, doing shit together, going on trips, all of that.  But on the opposite side of the coin, I really like being single.

Maybe my past relationships have conditioned me to like the single life – you know, certain things that I don’t have to deal with now.  No paranoia as to whether I’m going to piss someone off.  Now, I just don’t give a fuck.  Not having to compromise on certain things – hanging with friends, buying an item that I probably shouldn’t, or investing time into hobbies and shit.  Granted, that all comes with the territory of being with someone; I just want that person to be worth those compromises.  Getting shit on and mentally abused isn’t conducive to that.

Either way, I guess that’s how she goes.  Most of my past relationships kinda cropped up out of nowhere, so I guess that’s where I’m at now.  At some point in the future someone will appear and it’ll all just make sense again.  Till then – wheeee!

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