A Perfect Day

It’s not often my emotions get the best of me. Technology, good food, and fun times with friends all make me happy – this is a known fact – but I don’t go all retardedly emotional about it. Right now though, I feel particularly overwhelmed.

Walking out my back door on my way to the car, it was immediately apparent to me how beautiful outside it was. 70°, blue skies with scattered clouds. A light breeze in the air. As I’m rolling to the end of my parking lot, Spotify shuffles to a song off of the Forza Horizon 2 soundtrack. A song that, in all honesty, went perfectly with the next 15 minutes of my life.

With my sunglasses on and the windows down, music turned up, I made my way along the back roads to my parent’s house. The sun was streaming through the trees, leaves falling as that silly, nothing-to-write-home-about, 2.0L slung me through the curves. Not even violently or aggressively. Just cruising at the perfect speed to hug the turns and put me back in my seat. With the music playing, watching the leaves behind me getting kicked up as I drove by – I was on a whole other planet.

It’s funny that something so mundane and daily could stir up this instinctual emotion. Shit, we drive somewhere almost every day, why was this so different?

Everything was just perfect. Absolutely perfect. No traffic. The perfect temperature and weather. And the most perfect song to just become one with the road. I love it. There’s no question.

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