The iPhone 6 Plus

Bigger is better, they say.  I beg to differ in some cases, and I wasn’t sure if the iPhone 6 Plus would fall into that realm.  I’ve had a chance to use the phone for a week now so I figured I should do a really shitty review of it.

What’s first to note is fuck AT&T.  I pre-ordered the fucking thing the night it became available to do so, at 3 in the fricken morning.  I didn’t get it for like a week and a half after it was released in stores.  Brutal.  Y u do dis?

After I got it though, the first thing to note is how fucking massive this phone is.  It’s huge, nearly to the point of me immediately regretting my decision to get it.  The display is gorgeous though, and the curves on the phone are slick – really slick.  It’s really a beautiful phone.  The pixel density is awesome, movies look amazing on it.  Text and whatnot look great as well.  Wi-Fi has improved over my 5, which was a big deal for me.  Battery life is a little better than the 5, instead of it dying at work, it’ll last me till I pass out and still be at around 10%.

Now for the iffy stuff.  It’s big.  I’ll say it again – it’s fucking big.  I told myself I’ve got two weeks to return it or swap it if I still feel the same way.  It felt like a precarious limbo between using it and trying to protect it.  Rather than whipping it out of my pocket like the iPhone 5, now I find myself firmly gripping the phone to make sure it doesn’t fly out of my hand like a bloody boomerang.  Using it single-handed isn’t impossible – Reachability makes it easier – but it’s pretty close.  I can almost type fluidly with one hand; anyone with smaller hands will be undoubtedly fucked.

Maybe it’s just that I’m set in my ways of how a cell phone should be handled.  I’ve had an iPhone since 2007, and this is the first time I’ve owned a phone that was notably bigger.  Previous to the iPhone 2G, I had a Razr, so it’s entirely possible I had this conniption about phone size then as well – but I just don’t remember.

What it comes down to now is this…  The iPhone 6 Plus is actually growing on me.  I’m getting used to being more careful with it.  I’m getting used to the size, and having to use two hands more frequently.  Will I get another Plus next year (AT&T Next, baybee)?  Doubtful.  I don’t know if having such a big phone is necessary.  4.7-inch might be the best option, but I’ve got a year to decide.

<End Rant>

Fuck every single one of you Android zealot fanboys that are still talking about the iPhone 6’s bending ability.  It’s not an issue for people that aren’t fucking retarded.  Oh, your phone in your back pocket got bent?  Maybe you should be in the market for a new brain to replace the decrepit, handicapped model from your birth.  Fucking idiots.

</End Rant>

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