Wow. Much header image. Such doge.

Fucking hell.  I spend like 30 minutes on fixing some WordPress-related shit on here and end up adding some header images.  Then, from there, I decide to actually write a poast.  Insane how things cascade as you work on them.

But yeah!  Fucking doge is up there now.  And Gandalf, because who doesn’t love Gandalf?  Just click the image itself and watch that shit change.

Tuesday is like the most downplayed day of the week, amirite?  Monday is the worst day and we all know it.  Wednesday is HUMP DAY.  Thursday is the day before Friday.  Friday is just a fucking celebration every week.  And Saturday and Sundayfunday are kinda obvious on their awesomeness level.

Today be tuesday.  Ya know, I just thought to myself, “Fuck, is tuesday supposed to be capitalized?  Like, in the middle of a sentence?”  I don’t know, even as I type this.  Too lazy to Google it.  #Lazy.  Not much significant happened today, got some shit squared away at work security-wise, fixed some glaring WordPress bullshit on here, got it up to date, etc, etc.  Normally I’d be watching TV or playing video games, but honestly I’m cool with just dimming the lights and playing music at a slightly-above-normal-listening-volume.  It’s good shit, believe that.

I finally got around to calling Lenovo this afternoon as well.  Mid last week I decided to squander some of my hard earned tax refund and pick up a new laptop.  The MacBook Air is fine and all (I’m using it now, and I’ll explain why in a second) but I’m losing faith in Apple (I’ll explain in a second also, why this is a highly ironic statement for me).

Why am I losing faith in Apple?  Well, my brand new fucking iPhone 6+ had to be replaced a month or two after I got it due to a faulty touch screen.  Vertical lines and lack of input detection.  Fucking great right?  My MacBook Air needed its screen replaced due to a vertical line of dead pixels.  My parent’s new Mac Mini is having the most retarded issue with the monitor – when it goes to sleep and wakes up, it has a weird pink tint to the display.  Like what the fuck Apple?  What are you doing?

Well, because my declining faith in all things Mac, I decided to spring for a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1.  Balls to the wall.  Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, the whole nine.  Touch screen, convertible display with digitizer and stylus/pen.  Fucking awesome computer.  Powerful, useful, and not a Mac oddly enough.  I thought, because of all my Apple woes, I’d just get a Windows-based laptop and my troubles would fall by the wayside.

That is, until I was using the Yoga yesterday at work to take notes on a brand new Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall install.  While I’m writing down notes (which is epic as fuck with the pen and digitizer) it all of a sudden locks right up.  Cursor moves, nothing else happens.  I’m like “Damnit, I didn’t save anything.”  I power it off and turn it back on.  Black screen.  Dafuq?

I let it sit for a minute or two, and all of a sudden the worst fucking sound in the world.  Beeps.  Shit.  No hard drive detected.  Are you fucking shitting me?

Yeah, I tried to get away from my notion that Apple’s build quality has been slipping, only to fall into another manufacturer’s instance of failed hardware.  In a solid state drive of all things.  Who’da thunk it?

So anyway, I call Lenovo today to see what my options were.  Couple notes to take away from this service experience…

I was impressed.  As fuck.

Right from the get-go, the phone tree said straight up that the call center I was being routed to was in Georgia, good-ole-US-of-A.  Holy fuck, no Indonesian fucktards named Steve?  Impressive.  Once I got someone on the line, her name was “Asia” which I found ironic in and of itself, but she was a fucking pro.

I told her my issue once.  From there she verified all of my information, again – once.  She said “Alright, I’m just going to ship you a replacement drive.  Do you need Windows to be installed on it?”  I go, “Nope, I can handle that part.”

And that was it!  She said a replacement drive was on its way, would be there in two days, and to just send back the faulty drive.  Holy fucking Moses, best service I’ve ever experienced over the phone.

Concise, polite, and quick about the whole ordeal.  Free two-day shipping and a new hard drive.  Perfect.  I should have called yesterday, honestly.  But like I said above, #lazy.