Bestivus Baybee

Yeahhhhhhh boi, we’re back and all that shit!

Turns out when I let my old blog’s hosting lapse, they actually delete your files after some time.  So here we are, blank slate, back on that WordPress game.  Planning on blogging more, because let’s be honest, the state of the world is royally fucked at this time.

Might talk a bit about technology, coding, scripts, and the like.  Might talk about politics.  Might talk about muzique, movies, other stuff.  Whatever.  My Facebook friends don’t wanna read/see that kind of stuff on a regular basis, so we’ll leave that to be the social media highlight reel that it’s become.  This site is gonna be the real meat and potatoes.

Expect profanities.  Expect stupid posts.  Expect to be offended at least some of the time.

In the mean time, I’ll be just over here relaxin’.

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