I’ve got a case of wanderlust, I won’t even lie.  I love driving – often to the point of just heading in a certain direction with no destination in mind.  Just that feeling when you can kick back, take in the atmosphere, got some sweet music playing, the wind in your hair?  Man you can’t beat that shit.

In about 36 hours, I’ll be headed on the longest roadtrip I’ve ever gone on.  The coolest cousin I know is getting married, so I’m making the trek out Nebraska way.  Leaving Wednesday after work, spending the night in Indiana, then continuing on Thursday.  I’m excited, since the last roadtrip nearly this length was ten years ago almost to the month.

The last time was to Indiana with my girlfriend at the time, to buy a dog.  It was an absolute blast; my first (but not last) time travelling with a significant other.  Hard to believe my shit Chevy Malibu made it there and back, to be honest.  I’ll always look fondly on that trip.  It was my first real adventure in the real world since I had graduated high school a year before.  And we were rudimentarily guided by ye ole Google Maps circa 2007 on the first-gen iPhone.  Tech has come a long way since then.  This trip I’ll be rocking Android Auto through the car’s touchscreen.

Additionally, this trip is pretty much planned out to the T.  The stop in Indiana is conveniently, as if by chance, right by a Culver’s.  Last time I stopped at one of those was back when I went down to Kansas.  It was fantastic back then, and since there isn’t any in the Northeast, I’ve had to suffer without up until this trip.  Equally awesome is the prevalence of Hardee’s and other restaurants that we don’t have up here.  There’s an unspoken rule that whenever you go on a trip, you can’t eat at any place you’d have back home.  Makes you experience the local eats.  I’m hoping we get to hit up some hole-in-the-wall joints while we’re in Nebraska.

I’m hoping to blog throughout the trip, as each stop comes and goes.  The dashcam is squared away so we can capture any moments that happen along the way.  I remember once upon a trip, there was a car on the side of the road that was engulfed in flames.  Not sure why, or even where at this point, but getting that on camera would have been tight.

Just gotta make it through two nights of work, then we’ll be on the road.  Get that hype up, kiddos.

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