The Trip Food Review – 8/23/2017

Now that I’ve had a couple days to recuperate from our travels, it’s officially time to reflect upon the foods of Omaha.  Remember, the theory was to avoid eating at any place that we have locally here in NY.  So bear with me while I take you through the list of places I ate at, and what I thought of those places.

Arby’s, Fredonia, NY

I know, I know, I fucking know.  We have an Arby’s going in locally.  However…  While travelling, sometimes you gotta eat at a place that you’ve got locally.  And also technically, we weren’t out of New York yet, so how can one eat at a place not in NY if you’re still in NY?  Lawyered.

Anyway, I had myself a sweet Turkey Ranch & Bacon sandwich.  I had first experienced said sandwich with my man Branden entirely by accident, and I liked it.  This time, it was kind of lackluster.  I would have enjoyed a straight up roast beef sandwich a lot more at the time, but I digress.

Cleanliness was solid, food was solid, customer service was what you’d expect from a fast food joint off the highway.  We ate, I pillaged some free Wi-Fi, utilized facilities, then hit the road.

Culver’s, Sturgis, MI

Alright.  Now this is where my fuckin’ taste buds started getting pampered on this trip.  I first experienced a Culver’s a bunch of years ago when my parents and I traveled to Kansas.  Now, Culver’s claim to fame is the ButterBurger, a burger made with locally(ish) raised beef, and the bun is buttered and seared on the grill.  Absolutely epic.  I knew this had to be one of my stops on this trip.

At this stop I had the ButterBurger Deluxe – twin patties with all the fixins.  Let me tell you, when the burger was gone I almost went up and got another.  And then I thought about grabbing one before we hit the road the next morning.  Then I started thinking about finding another Culver’s once we reached Omaha.  It was that good.  Such a shame New York doesn’t have something as awesome as this.

Friendliness of the staff was a treat, everyone was super friendly and polite.  Makes New York fast food joints look like dumps, to be honest.  Cleanliness was fine, and although we hit up pretty late in the day, there were still a decent number of people there.  We ended up sitting next to a group of kids (recently gradgitated maybe), but they didn’t make me want to murder them so it wasn’t all that bad.

Highly recommend this place.  Literally, to anyone.  Go there if you have one.

Figured I’ll break these posts up by day since I’m a fatass and went to a lot of restaurants.  Stay tuned for Day Two.

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