My Thoughts on the iPhone X

Apple unveiled the iPhone X yesterday, and I obviously had to do my due diligence since I’m all about that tech shit.

TL;DR – It’s junk.

I know a lot of people will hinge their mental well being on justifying why they want one, or why they’re going to buy one, and argue with me on this point.  So I’ll break down briefly why I think the iPhone X is trash.

The Price

Okay, let’s be real here.  $999 for the lowest end iPhone X is fucking highway robbery.  For the same price, you can buy a brand new MacBook Air.  For the same price, you can buy a relatively powerful gaming PC.  For the same price, you can buy almost any iPad that Apple currently sells.

One thousand dollars can buy you a car.  It can buy you so much it’s almost criminal to price their handset at that number.  AppleCare is $200 on top of that.  If you want the phone with a larger capacity, that’ll be $1149.

I’m sorry, but spending a grand on a phone is absurd.  If you end up buying one, you will forever be the person that has not a single frugal bone in their body to me.

The Screen

The big thing is the screen that spans from bezel to bezel.  It’s gorgeous.  I won’t disagree with that sentiment at all.

But by expanding that bezel you have to accept some things.  First of all, if you grasp your phone and type with one hand, there’s a real possibility you may interact with the screen’s edges with your hand.  It’s especially worse if you have large hands.

Secondly, Apple did away with TouchID.  Since there’s no more home button, there’s no place for the fingerprint reader.  Android handset makers seem to have found a place for theirs though, on the back, where there’s a ton of space.  But back to the iPhone, this is nuts.  You used to be able to unlock your device as it’s leaving your pocket just by having your thumb on the sensor.  That goes out the window.  Now, you have to hold the phone up and have it scan your face – which judging from promotional videos, isn’t the fastest process.  And then there’s the video of the FaceID fail, which I won’t even bother commenting on.  I predict more car crashes and other distraction fails from people unlocking their phones with this feature.

Third, that black bulge at the top for the front-facing camera.  The phone apparently does not span fullscreen videos and games to the leading edge of that bulge, but rather they run behind it.  That’s some poor design on Apple’s part, since it is basically sitting on top of whatever is on your screen.  Not game breaking, but it kind of ruins the aesthetics for me, as I’m sure it will for others.


Yep.  This was important enough to include in Apple’s keynote and on their iPhone X page on their website, so it’s important enough to mention here.

Are you serious?  This right here is a sign of why the iPhone X is not as big a deal as everyone seems to think it is.  If there is such a lack of innovation in this phone that Animojis need to be mentioned explicitly in the promotional materials – you’ve got a problem.  And that problem is lack of innovation.

Basically they spent time and money to R&D the ability for you to animate a poop emoji with your face.  That totally justifies the price, in my opinion.


In Conclusion

I know people are going to fork over a thousand dollars by the boatload to get one of these phones.  It’s a beautiful phone, there’s no question.  iOS is a beautiful OS, no question.

But think about what you’re getting.  Add it up.  It does not equal $1000 or more in value no matter how you look at it.  It’s a testament to the cult mentality of Apple users:

New device.  Must buy.

So yeah, I think it’s pretty much garbage and doesn’t bring anything to the table that can justify that pricetag.

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