Spring Has Sprung, Bitch

Today was a super productive day in the world of Audis and a certain TT we all know and love. I’m on vacation this week, which is reason to rejoice in general, but I actually woke my ass up early (!) and got out the door early (!!) and accomplished some shit before noon (!!!).

True story, went over to the shop (my parent’s garage lol) early this morning and got the TT’s cylinder head loaded up in the Fusion to take it to the machine shop finally. The gameplan is to have White’s Auto & Speed, which I’ll throw a Google Maps link to below, measure the head’s level and if necessary, shave it down to within spec. The caveat to that request is that the turbo and exhaust manifold needed to be removed as well, since some asshole rounded off the turbo-to-manifold bolts (yeah that’d be me). Let me tell you a thing or two, those three bolts are fucking awful. Inverse-torx with such a terrible bevel at the bottom it was impossible to get any grip on the bolts, let alone enough to actually get them broken loose.

So my dad and I headed out that way and dropped it off without much fanfare. The cool part is the gentleman that we talked to took one look at the TT’s head and knew it had a bad head gasket. Pointed out some carbon scoring between 3 of the cylinders. That gave me some solid validation that pulling the engine and going down this road was definitely the right choice.

After we got back, I got to the task of cleaning up the block’s deck. I think it was back in November that I first pulled the head and really haven’t done much since then. The weather was a big factor, so it felt great to get back to work today. Following the advice of Humble Mechanic on YouTube, I picked up a big ole can of WD-40, a nice scraper, and some Scotch-Brite pads. In particular, the video I used as a reference is below, for posterity:

Hugely helpful. The difference after putting a couple hours of elbow grease into the deck is unreal. Basically the process is simple. Soak it in WD-40, carefully scrape the remaining gasket material and whatever else is on the deck, then use the Scotch-Brite to get rid of the carbon buildup and clean it up.

I was a little paranoid about how much pressure I was putting into the scarper as well as the pads, but after a little bit I fell into the groove and get it done pretty quick. Here’s how it turned out:

Pretty unreal. So with the block’s deck ready, and the rest of the block relatively clean, I think we’re ready to start putting everything back together. Started with replacing the thermostat housing with a cast aluminum version, but that’s as far as I felt like going.

Ordered a whole bunch more parts today, and once the head is ready, we’ll definitely be in full swing. Exciting stuff, and I can’t wait to get more stuff done. From cleaning everything that’s going back on to the engine, to upgrading the stuff I can, to replacing the failure-prone parts with higher quality versions – Spring certainly has sprung, and this shit is going to be picking up speed real quick.

Stay tuned!

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