, wot is dis?

Holy shit a new post.  Yeah I dunno, the feeling hit me tonight to write some shit so here we are.  And it’s gonna be a pretty awesome post, just a heads up.

Music is great, I think we can all agree.  When we’re feeling like shit, we put on some tunes.  When we’re feeling awesome, we put on some tunes.  Travelling, driving, working, relaxing – it’s always there.  I won’t try to psychoanalyze why our brains like the repetition of beats and sounds, but there’s something to say that we’ve been making music for most of our existence.  From banging on drums and tapping your hand on your desk, to playing a real physical instrument or an electronic software instrument, it’s as old as we are.

Now more than likely, you have a music library of some sort.  It could be a library of CDs, or a meticulously organized folder of tunes on your computer, or a group of playlists hosted by some music streaming service (Spotify I love you).  But one thing most people don’t think about, is how cool it is to analyze your listening habits.  Enter,

I’m a massive sucker for stats and shit like that.  I check in to movies and TV shows I’m watching (see that Twitter feed on the right?  All automatic), but I also record what music I’m listening to as I listen to it.  This is called scrobbling, and it stems back to the mid-2000s when I first got started. is what the service is called now, back in the day I think it used to be Audioscrobbler?  It’s free, and it integrates with most music players out there.

It’s neat because at the end of the year you can see what your listening habits were that year:

Yeah, so I listened to over 10,000 songs in 2017, an average of 28 per day, and a total of 25 days, 5 hours of listening time.  Pretty crazy, and you can go back year by year and get the same info.

It’s interesting because if you’re curious what you listened to on this day sayyyyyy, 3 years ago, you can:

There was a lot of the same shit I listen to today.  But there’s a few gems in there I haven’t listened to since.  It’s pretty cool.  It can also show you some embarrassing shit, like the obscene amount of the Battlefield 4 soundtrack I listened to on this day, January 26, 2015.

Like I said, I’m a sucker for information like this.  It’s fun to look back and see where I was, what I was listening to.  Sometimes it’s depressing, like a song that brings back bad memories or a song that reminds you of better times.  Meanwhile it could be invigorating, like rediscovering a song or an album that you totally forgot exists.

The nice part is is free to sign up, and you can immediately link it to your Spotify account here, under settings:

But there’s an even better way, which links with Spotify, and works completely agnostically from what client you’re using.  Xbox, Android, iOS, computer, web, even your Amazon Echo.  They will all scrobble if you use the Spotify Scrobbling (Beta) plugin:

Pretty slick shit.  I tried it this evening and it scrobbles everything, you just need to remember to turn off the above mentioned client-based scrobbling.

Check it out audiophiles, you won’t be disappointed.

A Perfect Day

It’s not often my emotions get the best of me. Technology, good food, and fun times with friends all make me happy – this is a known fact – but I don’t go all retardedly emotional about it. Right now though, I feel particularly overwhelmed.

Walking out my back door on my way to the car, it was immediately apparent to me how beautiful outside it was. 70°, blue skies with scattered clouds. A light breeze in the air. As I’m rolling to the end of my parking lot, Spotify shuffles to a song off of the Forza Horizon 2 soundtrack. A song that, in all honesty, went perfectly with the next 15 minutes of my life.

With my sunglasses on and the windows down, music turned up, I made my way along the back roads to my parent’s house. The sun was streaming through the trees, leaves falling as that silly, nothing-to-write-home-about, 2.0L slung me through the curves. Not even violently or aggressively. Just cruising at the perfect speed to hug the turns and put me back in my seat. With the music playing, watching the leaves behind me getting kicked up as I drove by – I was on a whole other planet.

It’s funny that something so mundane and daily could stir up this instinctual emotion. Shit, we drive somewhere almost every day, why was this so different?

Everything was just perfect. Absolutely perfect. No traffic. The perfect temperature and weather. And the most perfect song to just become one with the road. I love it. There’s no question.

Farewell 2013

So here we are, on the cusp of 20-fucking-14.  God damn I feel old.  In fact, the older I get, the faster time flies.  So that’s how we’re gonna cut this post up – half reminiscing about 2013, and half talking about how time fucking flies.

2013 was an interesting year for me.  A lot of changes, but a lot of consistent shit.  Here we goooooo:

  • Took the GXP off the road due to my lack of insurance.  Paid the price, manned up, and got her back in July.
  • Lived a full year in my apartment
  • Got rid of the GXP and bought a brand new 2013 Ford Focus
  • Bought an iMac, a MacBook Air, an iPad, and a ton of other electronics
  • Went through three iPhone 5s
  • Remained single the entire year
  • Got rid of the Fiero
  • Consolidated my finances
  • Paid off several loans

To summarize my health stats…

  • Since April of 2013 (when I started keeping track)…
  • Lost a total of 45 pounds
  • Tracked a total of 590.7 miles in RunKeeper
  • Tracked a total of 57 hours and 35 minutes of activity
  • Burned 39,450 calories
  • Took 1,151,300 steps
  • And slept a total of 1574 hours and 18 minutes

Music wise…

  • Listened to 1043 unique artists
  • Listened to 1798 unique albums
  • Listened to 3292 unique tracks
  • My top five artists were: Deadmau5 (duh), Nero, Limp Bizkit, Pendulum and Porter Robinson
  • My top five tracks were: “Can You Feel My Heart”, “Faxing Berlin”, “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)”, “Language”, and “Timestretch”

Unfortunately Foursquare is a pain in the ass and doesn’t provide stats granular down to a year at a time.  Ah well, there were a lot of check ins, needless to say (needles).  Twitter and Facebook are hard to quantify as well.  Spotify has their own Year In Review information, but pretty much had that all covered.

Either way, it’s been a wild year.  A few things were lacking, but in general, it was a good run.  Here’s to 2014!