The Bestivus History of Cars – Great White

As an aside, this post was originally going to be about Chloe the TT.  It kind of ran off the rails and I ended up talking about my history in car modifications, so I guess I’ll just leave it at that.  And before you clowns remind me of Blue Death (RIP), I never modified her, so I’m leaving her out.

ANYWHO, I guess this whole thing started back in 2007, if I had to really pin the year down.  That was when I first started getting interested in automotive modifications.  It wasn’t something I had planned, but when you need better sound from your stereo, one thing leads to another… Continue reading

The Burger Tour – 2017 Edition

This was Photoshopped by me, surprisingly.

That’s right kids.  Today is 2017’s National Cheeseburger Day, so after some contemplation as to what I’d have to eat today – I decided to revisit an evaluation we first tried nearly eight years ago.

The Double Cheeseburger Tour

God damn it’s been a while, and boy how things have changed.  Not sure if McDonald’s remodel had happened back in 2009, but I’m leaning towards not.  But anyway, let’s dive in shall we?

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My Thoughts on the iPhone X

Apple unveiled the iPhone X yesterday, and I obviously had to do my due diligence since I’m all about that tech shit.

TL;DR – It’s junk.

I know a lot of people will hinge their mental well being on justifying why they want one, or why they’re going to buy one, and argue with me on this point.  So I’ll break down briefly why I think the iPhone X is trash.

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HTML, Javascript, and Telling the Time

Had a fun time tonight doing some really shitty and basic Javascript coding for giggles.  For some background info, we’ve got a bunch of monitors at work that show the status of most of our systems.  One of these monitors had a nice rectangular block with nothing in it, so I decided to add a clock to that block.  Up until this point, we’ve had to check our PCs or our phones to see what time it was down to the minute, and since analog is so last year, the wall clock was useless.

I originally found a sweet script on this website that hosted its own clocks on their server and you just dropped an iframe to link it on your site.  Worked great on my PC, until I found out the monitoring PCs run on super low-privileged accounts (for good reason) that have zero web access rights.  I had to figure out how to script this sumbitch locally.

Figured I’ll show the code first, then break it down.  Bear in mind this is ain’t pretty, I don’t plan on cleaning it up, and since it works I really don’t care about anything else:

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Arguing Politics & Taking A Step Back

I feel compelled to write this post based on an exchange I had earlier this evening.  A long time acquaintance and I got into a political debate which quickly devolved into an argument.  A quite serious argument – one with personal attacks, insults, the whole nine.  You might be wondering what started this exchange, but really that information is irrelevant.  Attempting to justify an argument based on what started it isn’t the right way to go about things.

It got heated.  And taking a step back now, I don’t know why.  It could have been born out of arrogance, maybe.  Or that we both knew our own stances so intimately, that an opposing view point couldn’t possibly be right.  Either way, the original point of contention was lost many comments earlier.  Before it had turned into a shitshow.

After 10 minutes of attempting to write a rebuttal, I got a chat notification.  It was from the person on the other side of the argument.  In its simplest form, it was an apology for letting things get out of hand on their part.  But once I reread it a few more times, it became a lot more than that.  It made me stop and consider my own actions up to that point.  I had just as much of a reason to apologize as he did – maybe even more so – but I didn’t.  The thought never even entered my mind.

Why didn’t it?

It got me thinking.  Have I been here before?  Are there times I should have apologized for taking things too far, but never did?  Maybe I’m too set in my political beliefs to realize when I’m being a dick?  Fuck.  That’s some heavy shit to consider.

It’s not so much whether either of us were right or wrong, it was about recognizing when its time to step back and consider how you’re handling yourself.  Too many times when it comes to politics, derogatory terms are thrown about – libtard, cuck, liberal, conservative, etc.  Honestly that tends to happen whenever there are any two competing lines of thought.  It escalates beyond the discussion and enters the realm of insult and argument.  In politics’ case, it does nothing except further this divide the country is experiencing.

Seeing that apology made me realize what a piece of shit I was being at that moment.  There will always be debate when it comes to politics, that’s how things have to be.  But that doesn’t mean respect for our opponents goes out the window.  We all belong to this country, and this country belongs to all of us.  It’s time to start remembering that more often.