Fuck Your Title – Redux

This is going to be a somewhat interesting post to write, but bear with me.  Two years ago I wrote a post outlining my transition from fat kid to “not-quite-as-fat” kid.  You can read the aforementioned post here, for fucking nostalgia’s sake.  I don’t know if I ever really followed up on that post as time went on, but I figure since we’re on the second anniversary of that revelation – I might as well do it now.

In April of 2013 I began my journey to get healthier.  I invested in weights, started watching what I ate, and started being more active.  The results were insane:

You can see where I was at in May when I started, Fatness Everdeen.  Two months later I had lost around 20 pounds and was creeping steadily towards my goal weight of 200 or under.

Now, I hate the gym, generally speaking.  I mean let’s be real, I hate the general public, so the gym just naturally falls in line behind that.  I bought weights and a home gym and all that jazz.  Watched what I ate, cut out soda, all the really simple shit you can do.  I rode the fucking piss out of my bike.  Worked my way up to 25-30 miles per ride.  Yeah, two hours on my bike pretty much every other day if not every day.  It worked out fucking great, I loved every minute of it.  But then disaster struck…

My bike broke down in September, that’s the blue line.  I acquired a fucking awesome AutoBike from Mike at some point, and that bike and I rode at least 200-300 miles before it broke down.  The derailleur ended up getting bent to hell, and the sprockets were cracked.  I took it to a repair joint in New Hartford and they couldn’t do anything. No replacement parts were available, I was pretty much out of luck.  I was beyond upset about the whole thing.  Borderling depressed, as crazy as that might sound.  It was as if I attributed my success thus far to that bike.  It made me stop riding, but tried to keep my momentum going.  But the issue with that bike left me defeated, it broke my spirit, so I began to slide back into not caring again.

As you can see, I continued to lose weight through to the end of 2013.  But at the beginning of 2014 I began the painful slide back into gaining weight.  I gained back almost all the weight I had lost, which just made my mentality worse.

At some point in 2014 I wanted to re-capture the mentality that drove me the previous year.

Leading up to 2015, I started hiking regularly and going for walks.  I didn’t have a bike to ride still, but I had to make do with what I had.  You can see I started losing again, but then another fucking defeat:

Daylight Savings Time.

By the time I got out of work, it was dark out, and I couldn’t hike up at Mount Hope or walk around Verona Beach.  That led to the painful gain/loss cycle that kept me at the same weight that I’m at now.

Being that today is the second anniversary of that first epiphany, I feel motivated again to get back to where I was, and hopefully reach that goal of being under 200 pounds by the end of the year.  I’ve got a long way to go, but with this new found inspiration and the data to prove that I can do it – I think know I’ll be fine.

Wow. Much header image. Such doge.

Fucking hell.  I spend like 30 minutes on fixing some WordPress-related shit on here and end up adding some header images.  Then, from there, I decide to actually write a poast.  Insane how things cascade as you work on them.

But yeah!  Fucking doge is up there now.  And Gandalf, because who doesn’t love Gandalf?  Just click the image itself and watch that shit change.

Tuesday is like the most downplayed day of the week, amirite?  Monday is the worst day and we all know it.  Wednesday is HUMP DAY.  Thursday is the day before Friday.  Friday is just a fucking celebration every week.  And Saturday and Sundayfunday are kinda obvious on their awesomeness level.

Today be tuesday.  Ya know, I just thought to myself, “Fuck, is tuesday supposed to be capitalized?  Like, in the middle of a sentence?”  I don’t know, even as I type this.  Too lazy to Google it.  #Lazy.  Not much significant happened today, got some shit squared away at work security-wise, fixed some glaring WordPress bullshit on here, got it up to date, etc, etc.  Normally I’d be watching TV or playing video games, but honestly I’m cool with just dimming the lights and playing music at a slightly-above-normal-listening-volume.  It’s good shit, believe that.

I finally got around to calling Lenovo this afternoon as well.  Mid last week I decided to squander some of my hard earned tax refund and pick up a new laptop.  The MacBook Air is fine and all (I’m using it now, and I’ll explain why in a second) but I’m losing faith in Apple (I’ll explain in a second also, why this is a highly ironic statement for me).

Why am I losing faith in Apple?  Well, my brand new fucking iPhone 6+ had to be replaced a month or two after I got it due to a faulty touch screen.  Vertical lines and lack of input detection.  Fucking great right?  My MacBook Air needed its screen replaced due to a vertical line of dead pixels.  My parent’s new Mac Mini is having the most retarded issue with the monitor – when it goes to sleep and wakes up, it has a weird pink tint to the display.  Like what the fuck Apple?  What are you doing?

Well, because my declining faith in all things Mac, I decided to spring for a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1.  Balls to the wall.  Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, the whole nine.  Touch screen, convertible display with digitizer and stylus/pen.  Fucking awesome computer.  Powerful, useful, and not a Mac oddly enough.  I thought, because of all my Apple woes, I’d just get a Windows-based laptop and my troubles would fall by the wayside.

That is, until I was using the Yoga yesterday at work to take notes on a brand new Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall install.  While I’m writing down notes (which is epic as fuck with the pen and digitizer) it all of a sudden locks right up.  Cursor moves, nothing else happens.  I’m like “Damnit, I didn’t save anything.”  I power it off and turn it back on.  Black screen.  Dafuq?

I let it sit for a minute or two, and all of a sudden the worst fucking sound in the world.  Beeps.  Shit.  No hard drive detected.  Are you fucking shitting me?

Yeah, I tried to get away from my notion that Apple’s build quality has been slipping, only to fall into another manufacturer’s instance of failed hardware.  In a solid state drive of all things.  Who’da thunk it?

So anyway, I call Lenovo today to see what my options were.  Couple notes to take away from this service experience…

I was impressed.  As fuck.

Right from the get-go, the phone tree said straight up that the call center I was being routed to was in Georgia, good-ole-US-of-A.  Holy fuck, no Indonesian fucktards named Steve?  Impressive.  Once I got someone on the line, her name was “Asia” which I found ironic in and of itself, but she was a fucking pro.

I told her my issue once.  From there she verified all of my information, again – once.  She said “Alright, I’m just going to ship you a replacement drive.  Do you need Windows to be installed on it?”  I go, “Nope, I can handle that part.”

And that was it!  She said a replacement drive was on its way, would be there in two days, and to just send back the faulty drive.  Holy fucking Moses, best service I’ve ever experienced over the phone.

Concise, polite, and quick about the whole ordeal.  Free two-day shipping and a new hard drive.  Perfect.  I should have called yesterday, honestly.  But like I said above, #lazy.

Late Night Bestivus

We’re over two weeks into 2015 and this is my first post of the year.  Not sure how this coincides with my writing habits of years past, but I feel like this is a pretty good effort on my part.

It’s like 1 in the morning EST here, and I can’t sleep to save my fucking life.  I can guarantee if I took a poll amongst people in my age bracket, 90% of respondents would say that there are certain songs they love, but would never openly admit to it.  I’m part of that group, in all honesty.  I’ve got an entire hidden playlist in Spotify that contains my ‘dirty little secrets’.  Songs that are either emasculating, embarrassing, or some mix of the two.  Whatever, I don’t give a fuck.

My playlist contains a lot of sappy shit.  Some of it instantaneously takes my mind back to times in my life where I was unbelievably happy.  ‘This was our song’ or something along those lines.  Other tracks are just catchy pop songs that I could literally never cop to liking.  Ah well, it’s whatever.

I can’t sleep, so I’m on the internet.  That’s a bright fucking idea.  Oh hey, might as well fire up a movie or some shit.  I’m sure that’ll let me get to sleep.  I scoured reddit looking for any subs that matched this random thing I’m looking for.  A late-night chatroom or some shit.  A place for the insomniacs tonight.  Nothing.  Imgur wasn’t much better.  I found a random ICQ chatroom with people talking about flying hot dogs and apple pie, but that weirded me out.  It’d be right up your alley, Dickie.

Soooooo I’m here typing my thoughts and hoping that convinces my body to shut the fuck up and go to sleep.  If only Samuel L. Jackson were here to read me a lullaby, but I digress.

On Wednesday I should get the replacement graphics card for my shitbox gaming computer.  That’s exciting, because the onboard graphics on this thing blow.  Hard.  Then I can finally start playing those games I picked up over Christmas.  That’d be fucking nice, if only iBUYPOWER didn’t bend me over on this thing.  Ah well.

Fuck man, I’ve got a lot of good tunes in this playlist.  I feel like I’m really digging these songs because I almost never listen to them.  I’ve got a pretty weird taste in music, that’s for sure.  Hard rock to electronic to pop to game/movie soundtracks, and on and on and on.  There’s been a couple times I’ve been called out while driving that the music playing is either strange or not popular.  I got nothing, kids.  Nothing.  If the song sounds good, then I’ll like it.

Some shit is just so boring.  Nothing exciting about the sound or the lyrics.  Unintelligible screaming, copy/pasted pop shit, etc.  Pass.

Ugh.  I don’t think this blog post is helping, but I don’t have much more in my head to write about.

I’ve more or less given up on dating I think.  It’s not because I get rejected or I’m not having any luck – it’s because I don’t put any effort into it.  At this point I feel like there’s very little to gain from putting effort into that endeavor.  Let’s look at my last three relationships:

  1. The most recent one feigned pregnancy in an attempt to get me back.  We dated for less than a month, but she was madly in love with me.  Okay, I can understand why (narcissism for the win), but come on.
  2. The one before that had a child, but her parenting methods left a lot to be desired.  I’ve dated a single parent before, so I’ve got a pretty good feel for how parenting should go.  Amongst other things, that was bound to fail.
  3. This was the big one.  We both fucked up, changed too much, changed too little.  I can’t really say much more than that.

Women in this area are either already popping out kids or tying the knot.  Kids obviously aren’t a dealbreaker, but the circumstances surrounding that situation is always a scary thing.  “Oh I’m gonna get pregnant to fix this relationship.”  Fucking retarded.  A kid isn’t going to fix shit, sorry.  That’s the kind of less-than-mature thinking that will ruin your and your kids lives.  Idiots.

I dunno.  Some of these songs bring about some legit memories from the past, I can’t get over that shit.  It’s like I’m back in 2005 right now.  It hurts, I won’t lie.  I was a fucking kid.  She was a kid too.  But we share some memories that haven’t been beaten since.  Fuck maybe it’s just my current half-asleep state of mind, but that won’t become apparent until tomorrow.  I miss all of those memories.  They were so deep, cerebral.  Everything was new.  Everything was intensified.  I was fucking 17 years old.  Here we are now in 2015, it’s been a god damned decade since all of that.  That just occurred to me, how nuts is that?  A decade ago.  Ugh.

Alright I guess I’ll conclude this rambling mess of shite.  Yeah, shite.  Bloody Brits.

Breastfeeding & Facebook

So far, I’ve seen at least three mothers on Facebook have breastfeeding photos reported on their profile.  I’m going to share my unadulterated opinion on this topic.

First of all, let me say that I don’t have a problem with kids.  Several of my friends are parents, and I applaud them for the amazing job they’ve done and are doing with their kids.  I also don’t have a problem with breastfeeding your kids.  It’s natural, and if you’re a parent who never has never or will never breastfeed your kids – you’re doing them a significant disservice.

But I don’t want to see your fucking tit on my newsfeed.

Sorry, not sorry, but I don’t.  When I’m scrolling through cat pictures and geek, tech-related shit, the last thing I want to see is a boob with a kid attached.  It’s not that I have a problem with breastfeeding, it’s that I have a problem with it being in my face.  I have a problem with losing control of my relatively modest newsfeed to mothers who can’t help but post a picture of their kid on the boob.  You’re such a social media rebel, good for fucking you.

In my opinion, breastfeeding is an immensely intimate situation between you and your child.  But natural or not, why would you want to put that out for the world to see?  Why do you fucking insist on taking a picture of your kid on your tit, and forcing everyone on your friendslist to see it?  You’re as bad as the sensationalist headlines whose sole purpose is to gain views and likes.  “Next up, Obama is really a Martian alien.  And more gratuitous breastfeeding pictures!  ZOMG!”

What, are you trying to stick it to the man?  Are you trying to break out of acceptable societal norms?  Well good for you, but please, keep that shit out of my newsfeed.  If I wanted to see tits I’d go to PornHub or YouPorn.


The Perfect Home Theater

Everybody knows that out of all their friends, chances are that I’m the most tech savvy.  One of the coolest things I get the most use out of (tech-wise) is my home server, so I figured I go a little in-depth on what this badass setup can do.

What got me started on this project was back in 2011, I picked up a Western Digital ‘My Book Live’ to store files and back up to.  It wasn’t anything too fancy – a pretty simple System-on-a-Chip (SoC), gigabit ethernet, running some proprietary software with 3 terabytes of storage.  It worked great.  Time Machine integration was killer, the interface was kind of sluggish but do-able, and it was reachable from the internet.  Eventually I discovered you could set up a Bittorrent client on it to remotely download files, which was great because the NAS was on 24/7 anyway. Pretty slick stuff for around $300.

After I picked up an Xbox 360 for my apartment, I discovered another absolutely killer feature of my NAS.  It could stream media using DLNA to the Xbox.  So essentially, I could torrent movies and music (that I had bought on disc, obviously, because otherwise that would be illegal and nobody illegally downloads stuff nowadays amirite?) and then stream it to the Xbox over the network.  I was blown away.  This was some next-gen shit going on in my living room and I wanted more.  MOAR.

One thing that concerned me with the My Book Live was it’s single disk layout.  3 terabytes on a single disk made me nervous – if that blew up, all my data goes poof.  All my mission critical files were stored on more redundant mediums like Dropbox and optical media, but the fact still stood that I’d be upset if I lost all the files on the NAS.  I began to research alternatives, open source stuff.  I stumbled across FreeNAS at some point, and was immediately sold.  Open source, modular, options for plugins and additional functionality, low impact web GUI / CLI at terminal.  Okay, I like this, but it needed a physical machine to run on.  Do I have a shitty workstation kicking around that I could use?  Sure did.

It was a pretty shit basic machine.  Celeron D, 2.something GHz, 4 GB memory, integrated everything.  FreeNAS essentially runs on its own dedicated disk (spinning or flash) and then utilizes a second disk for storage.  So I procured one of my shit 20 GB IDE drives and put FreeNAS on it.  All the stuff I had on the WD NAS got moved to my laptop and two external drives, and then I moved the 3 TB disk into the FreeNAS box.  After some fiddling and fucking around, it was live.  I felt like Frankenstein but it ran, and it performed pretty great for what it was.  System load was in the 0.33 range, which to me was acceptable since it was a single-core and 32-bit.  My first issue was a networking stack crash because I was overflowing the Realtek NIC’s buffer.  Onboard sucks, remember that!  It wasn’t an every day issue, more like whenever I’d transfer large files.  I ordered an Intel PRO/1000 GT gigabit NIC and all my issues disappeared.

I had Transmission running for my Bittorrent client.  MiniDLNA for my media serving.  CIFS and AFP for fileserving.  Download a movie, move it to the appropriate dataset, force a MiniDLNA update, and then stream that bitch to the Xbox.  It worked beautifully.Then I ordered a second 3 TB drive – a Western Digital Red NAS drive.  Designed for NAS usage.  Fuck yeah.  I added that and created a simple RAID mirror for some data redundancy.  If one drive kicked the bucket, the second drive would still be good.  Excellent.

The NAS ran like a champ for a good while, but again – everyone that knows me knows that good enough is never good enough.  I had dreams of more horsepower, more storage, more memory.  I wanted more plugins, I wanted virtualization.  So I priced it out and invested further into this awesomesauce project.  I ordered the parts and anxiously awaited their arrival.  What’d I get?

That’s right.  Server-class Intel Xeon E3-1230 at 3.3 GHz, an entirely new ASUS logic board, and 16 GB of PC3 10600 ECC (error correcting) memory.  Now we’re talking!  After procuring a larger case to fit my goodies, I managed to get everything installed and configured.  One of the cooler things about that ASUS board is it has a USB port built directly on the board.  So in order to dump that 20 GB IDE drive, I just flashed FreeNAS onto a thumb drive and plugged it into that port.  Beautifully simple and effective.

Soon thereafter I installed a second pair of 8 GB DIMMs to bring the whole server up to 32 GB of memory.  I also threw a third 3 TB WD Red drive in there and modified my mirror to become a true zRAID array.  6 TB usable storage with the ability to lose one drive and still maintain data integrity.  The ECC-enabled memory allows for on-the-fly error correction in data, which is pretty critical with how much I download and use the server.

I also picked up an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that actually interfaces with the server through USB.  If my apartment loses power (which is a notorious thing here), the UPS will keep the server up until it reaches 20% battery then signals the server to gracefully shut down all the jails and VMs, sync its disks, unmount the stores, shoot me an email, and power off.  Fucking epic.

Instead of using MiniDLNA, I’ve moved onto bigger and better things.  Plex is my go-to now.  It managed all my movies and TV shows – titles, actors, directors, basically every piece of metadata you could want.  Currently I’m around the 300 mark for movies, and I’ve got about 7 or 8 TV shows with every episode from every season.  All in 1080p or 720p unless they weren’t available in that resolution (I’m looking at you, Scrubs).  Plex interfaces with a cloud service as well, which allows me to stream all of media content to my phone, another PC, basically anything.  It’s quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve had the chance to work with.

Plex coupled with RARflix on the Roku 3 is basically living the good life.  RARflix is a Plex client that runs on the Roku.  Native MKV decoding, Dolby 5.1 DTS support, the whole nine fucking yards.  It’s amazing, I can’t even downplay it.

Equally epic in FreeNAS is the ability to run a VirtualBox server.  That’s fucking right – I have three Windows 7 VMs running on my server…  AT HOME.  Headless with 2 GB of RAM apiece.  I can use them for testing, or to do regular maintenance at home if my main PC isn’t on.  On the fly snapshots, mounting of ISOs and images – everything you’d expect from a solid VM infrastructure.  All at my effing house.

Now you might ask is all of this really necessary.  No, of course not.  But I’m a geek, and I love this kind of shit.  I love movies and TV shows, so it makes perfect sense.  I even have BTSync running on the server which makes it act in a Dropbox-like manner but with NO filesize restrictions.  I love it.  So next time there’s a debate about who’s got the best home theater setup, you know who has it won.  This guy.