And 365 Days Later…

It’s cliche as hell, but a lot can happen in a year.  Profoundly life changing events, changes of habit, moments of happiness, moments of sadness.  I say that despite turning 30 this year, and realizing it’s been 12 years since I graduated high school.  It feels like time has absolutely flown by, and yet when you break down the last 365 days into their individual triumphs and defeats, it feels like the longest time span imaginable.

But yeah, today marks officially one year since I committed myself to getting healthier.  It was November 14th, 2017 that this whole thing got started.  It was around that time I got promoted to the Systems Department and moved back to a regular day shift.  I’m not sure what prompted the shift from apathy, eating my feelings, and general laziness to becoming active, watching what I ate, and working to better my life – but that starting weight has been the biggest motivator.

Start Weight – 270.9
Current Weight – 211.3
Goal Weight – 200?  190?

As of this writing, I’ve officially lost 59.6 pounds over the last year.  Even now it blows my mind.  I put on my winter jacket for the first time (I hate snow) this season, and it was loose.  Like, almost awkwardly loose.  My work pants are several inches too big now.  Shirts that used to fit snugly hang weirdly on me now.  It’s a problem, but I guess if I had to take a problem it’d be that kind. 

It was May 31st that I first ordered my Saucony running shoes.  I haven’t actually put any effort into running, because of my flat feet, but I’ve walked.  I’ve walked a shit load.  I’ve walked in the sweltering 90+ degree heat, pouring rain, and sub-freezing wind.  Since May of this year, I’ve walked…

427.9 Miles

According to Runkeeper anyway.  Not bad for nearly 6 months.  The shoes are shot at this point, so new ones will be getting purchased before spring time.  Now that the weather has turned to garbage, I’ve signed up at Planet Fitness to keep this train rolling.  I’ve been lifting free weights in the apartment the last few weeks, and I can already see some slight (super slight) definition in my arms.

It was around May that I also picked up my Fitbit Charge 2.  I’ll admit I fought the suggestion of getting one by my girlfriend at the time, but I gotta hand it to her – she was on to something.  It’s a fitness tracker, not a smart watch, which means it focuses on fostering healthy habits, not apps or distractions.  Tracks steps and heart rate throughout the day, which gets you a more accurate picture of your caloric burn.  

Which leads into the next key player of this thing – tracking calories.  I’ve stayed diligent these last 52 weeks in keeping track – honestly keeping track – of how many calories I put into my body.  That’s the real trick.  It’s easy to “forget” to jot down that donut you had earlier.  It’s easy to track your calories with a little bit of a conservative edge.  But all that does is hurt your bottom line.  You’re using those numbers to make smart choices, and if you’re working off bad information, you’re more likely to make more bad choices.

Even if I’m an absolute pig one day (which has happened), I accurately and honestly track those numbers down.  Seeing me be 1500+ calories over my goal for the day sucks, but it is what it is.  And cheat days aren’t the end of the world, let’s be honest.  It’s when every day is a cheat day that you need to correct yourself.

And then there’s the stress and bullshit of everyday life.  It isn’t easy watching what you eat, remaining active, and trying to stay focused when there’s negative things going on in your life.  Whether that be drama with friends, stress from a new job or new position at work, or a depressing breakup with your significant other.  Been down those roads a couple times the last year.

I’ll be honest, I was emboldened to kick my healthy habits into overdrive when I found myself in a relationship after quite a few years of being single.  It makes sense, there’s a sense of “I can do anything” and “I’m on top of the world” and “I want nothing more than to impress this person” that drives you forward with more energy than you can imagine.  Looking at my weight loss you can see when that happened, I went from a minor, gradual decline to a sharp, rapid one.

But long story short, things happened and that situation had to end.  And regardless of what side of a breakup you’re on, there’s obviously a mental component to the aftermath, but there’s also a physical part of it too.

In my case, my resting heart rate was nearly 30 BPM higher than normal.  My sleep cycle was trash.  My weight loss stopped.  In fact, I gained 5 pounds simply because I didn’t care anymore.  I was depressed and just wanted to drown myself in all the bad habits I had moved past.  Emotional eating, smoking again, sleeping the day away.  I just didn’t care because all my attention was on the pain I was in.

But I never lost sight of the progress I had made.  I forced myself to get back on the horse, shut the hell up, and get back to business.  If you ever find yourself falling back into old habits – don’t beat yourself up about it.  We found our way out of the darkness once and we can without a doubt do it again.

So now that the winter months are upon us, walking outside as a form of cardio is out.  Unless you wanna deal with slush and all that garbage, anyway.  So that’s where a gym membership comes into play.  I’m still working on when I want to go – morning or nights – but the ability to get your cardio in while inside, plus hitting your strength and weight training, is a must have during the winter.  This is without a doubt the worst time to get in shape or try to maintain your weight.  Outside activities, if you aren’t already into them, like snowboarding or skiing, are hard to pick up and commit to.  But the gym is just down the road, and some of them are open 24 hours during the week.  Pretty killer.

And so, here’s to the last year of proving the haters wrong.  And here’s to the next 365 days of refining, weight loss, hydration, and getting SWOLE.  If the last year is any indication, nothing is out of reach.  

2018, Year of the Best

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, which isn’t terribly surprising.  I’m not one of those peeps that make a point to write something at least once a day.  I’m like, once every 6 months at this point.  But yeah, I figured it’s update time since I’ve got a free minute and there’s nothing else pressing at this point.

Soooooo, life is pretty grand!  The jist of this whole post is that 2018 is literally going to be my year.  We’re mid-April but things have been pretty stellar since this year started.  Let’s break it down:

I quit smoking.  This has been a thorn in my side for at least the last couple years.  There’s been a solid two stretches that I’ve quit before – the first being in 2011 when I was dating my ex, and I quit for her.  Naturally when that ended, I picked it back up.  The second stretch was while I was my last job.  Naturally when that ended, I picked it back up.  So now we’re on the third real attempt at kicking the habit, and so far so good.  I’ve had some fall-off-the-wagon moments, but there’s a concerted effort going on so I’m feeling pretty good about it.  The real difference this time is that I’ve improved my coping mechanisms in dealing with stress.  People that have never smoked or never tried quitting don’t get just how addictive nicotine is, but believe it, it’s insane.  I had a lot of reasons to quit, but never truly had the motivation to until recently, so I’m pretty thankful for that.

In addition to quitting smoking, I’ve really focused on improving my health in general.  I started buying groceries, which for me was unheard of.  Cooking at home, and paying attention to the nutrition and healthiness of my choices.  It hasn’t been easy, by any stretch.  When your body has been running on processed foods, fast food, high fat, high calorie options for years, it doesn’t just go willingly into this new era.  It hits home when I think about this article I read years ago about what’s called an Extinction Burst.  Basically, it is what happens when your body forms a habit and you attempt to break that habit – when the habit is threatened with extinction.  Your body deals with being cut off to a point where it throws a tantrum in one last attempt to get you to go back to the habit.  The link explains it a lot more in depth, but it’s a truly fascinating read.

So I’ve been eating better.  I haven’t had a soda in over a month, I drink water on the regular, been cooking at home a majority of the week, and I’ve even been a lot active physically.  Hiking a couple times a week, and a couple days ago got back on a bike for the first time in years.  You might remember back in the day I was riding my bike like a mofo, you know, 30 mile tides and all of that?  Well my most recent ride was barely 5 miles and it absolutely wrecked me.  I hurt all over.  Granted it was a mountain bike that is far too small for me, but that just made it clear how out of shape I’ve gotten.

I’ll be honest, midway through that last paragraph I tried to find the posts about my weight loss and all that jazz.  In particular, these two posts:

Fuck Your Title (04/09/2013)
Fuck Your Title – Redux (04/09/2015)

Ironic that they were both the same day, two years apart.  And here I am getting back on the health kick three years after the last.

But anyway, I was trying to find those two posts and ended up copying a bunch from The Wayback Machine, since my database got deleted when my hosting lapsed a while back.  It was fun reading my thoughts from years ago, so I guess it isn’t such a bad idea to keep blogging.  Just gotta make sure I don’t lose months or years worth of entries.  We’re self-hosted now, so I can’t foresee these latest posts disappearing, but I’m definitely going to be keeping better backups.

So I got sidetracked finding those posts and now I can’t remember what I was on about.  Guess it’s a good point to wrap this up then, deuces!

Blogging? Say what?

So, it’s definitely been a while since I’ve blogged. So long, in fact, that I forgot what my blog’s address was (LOL YOU SO FUNNY ADUM). No but in all seriousness, it’s been a long fricken time since I’ve written anything on here.

Life is going well in Adam Land. I’ve committed to losing weight and getting healthy, I’m the proud new owner of a 64 GB iPad 3G, life is good, work is good, and last but most definitely not least, my girlfriend is awesome.

Yep, over the course of the last 2 months now, I’ve lost 25 pounds! Just from eating right and exercising. Believe it or not, yes I’ve started going to the gym regularly. Also picked up running. I feel great, I’ve lost a good chunk of weight, and I look way slimmer. Fantastic news all around.

Work is the same as it always is. Slow at times, fast at times, but still all the same work I love.

Allyssa and I are doing absolutely awesome. We kind of had a realization a few months back that we were both poisoning the relationship with our bad habits and misconceptions about each other. With a lot of work and a lot of determination, we’re now stronger than ever. Life is really awesome for me right now. Allyssa will be shipping out to BMT (Basic Military Training for all you civvies out there) in January next year, then she’ll be going to Tech School afterwards. It’ll be a total of 5 months that we’ll be apart, but I’m so excited for her to reach her goals and do what she’s always wanted. She’s truly an inspiration no matter how you cut it.

Well it’s time to put Jakey to sleep, so I’mma sign off now. Keep it real, Intertoobz.

Sticks & Bricks

I’ve made a commitment recently to get in shape.  For my own well being and because Allyssa has already made a ton of progress on her own.  I’ve cut out eating out unless it’s a special occasion or it’s a necessity.  I’m eating smaller, more healthy meals.  It’s going pretty well, too.  So far I’ve dropped 2 pounds in 5 days.  Granted since my heaviest, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, this is still progress.  I’ve also committed to running regularly and exercising as well.  I’ve been using Nike+ to record my runs so I can see my progress as I get better.  Also on the list of apps I’m using, Runtastic and RunKeeper for walks, hiking, bike rides, and the like.  And lastly, I’m using MyFitnessPal to record my calories and nutritional intake.  It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Today has been pretty boring, in all honesty.  Work has been slow.  The weather sucks.  I’m pretty hungry…  BestWerx is going great, steady number of clients coming through the “door” so to speak.  Had to go out in the rain last night to pick up a PC, actually.  Clinton and Kirkville were horribly flooded.  I thought at least three times that my car was going to go under and stall, but my GPS got me rerouted around the closed Route 5 and all that jazz.  Pretty crazy weather for September though.

Lastly, it would appear that my previous blog post hit fucking home for some people.  And at the same time, it proved my damn point – people were talking, yet again, behind my back rather than addressing their problem to my face.  One person did text me, but the post wasn’t aimed at them so that was a non-issue.  As for everyone else, I stand by what I said.  Grow up and if you’re gonna talk about me behind my back, get outta my life.  I don’t need your shit any more.